Wednesday, October 5, 2005

First week in October

Hi again! I heard last Tuesday (9/27) that CCAI received my completed Dossier paperwork(not the pics I owed them, though, and some fees). They worked on them last week and my paperwork as of this Tuesday (10/4) is almost ready to be sent to China!

There was only one glitch in my paperwork, and it wasn't my fault... the HomeStudy notarization date conflicted with the county clerk date (or something like that) and Kim had to call my HS agency to get them to fix this. July supposedly sent the update to CCAI on Monday of this week! I hope so!!

I had to send 8 family life photos (me and other people) and 3 photos of me by myself. I sent 3x5 size pics. I also had to send 3 passport size photos. The passport pics are the ones that China will match my daughter to me with. No pressure! lol.

I sent all my pics to CCAI on Monday (10/3) and so, Kim should have them this week, I hope! I didn't realize I needed to send copies of my passport**, so I had to find that! Eek. I did fax 2 copies of that to her yesterday, but she wants me to scan it in and send it that way, so that is the last thing I *think* I need to do, and I plan to do that today!

Kim said that my dossier should be complete in the next few days...and off to China it goes! :D

**I began looking for my passport a week or so ago just to make sure it didn't expire next year, because if it did, I would need to have it renewed. I couldn't find it. When I moved into my house, I *thought* I put it in this one drawer... but then I didn't see it in there... egads! So, yesterday, I went through the 2nd bedroom (the baby's room) no avail! OMG. I decided to go back to that cabinet with the drawer I thought I had put my passport in. I went through the shelves with a fine tooth comb. Then I decided to tear apart the drawers one last time. WELL, there is was! Right where I thought it should be!! It was just in a blue folder that I didn't remember putting it in (of course, I remember the folder now, but at the time I forgot). Whew! What a relief! :) (it is the case where your glasses are on your face and you forgot they were there. haha. what a goofball I am!)

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Another step closer to DTC...

Well, my dossier reached CCAI on Tuesday, 9/27! WOOHOO! The only thing it was missing are the pictures I needed to send them (3 pics of me by myself, 8 family life photos and 3 passport photos). I had my passport photos taken 9/30 and plan to sent them all plus the CCAA fee and a portion of the CCAI fee to them Monday!

On my way to being DTC... closer and closer! :)

Today, Mindy and I went garage-saling and I bought a toy box and last weekend bought a used child's oven! She's got so many toys already it is scary! But fun! hehe.

The baby's room is yellow. I need to decide if I will change the color before she arrives, or go with it. I love yellow, but some people say it is an aggitating color. I guess time will tell!

We are reading "The Lost Daughters of China" for bookgroup this time, and that is this weekend. We are having stirfry and eggrolls. Yum. I hope it is an interesting conversation!