Friday, February 23, 2007

February is flying

I can't believe it is Feb 23, already. CCAA is off all week for Chinese New Year and there have been some scuttle that they might have been working on the next batch right before they left. I haven't seen any confirmation that they've sent anything yet, though. Of course, I have no idea what this means for me, except it is getting closer.

My agency has estimated I'll get my referral in April sometime. The *early* time could be March, but I have my doubts that'll happen. Wait and see... as usual.

Life is good. Although, a bit stressful this week. (what's new?!) I can't wait to get my updated I-171H.

Maggi is doing well. She's a love. I'm so glad I got her. (of course, now i worry about what'll happen when i have to leave for 2 whole weeks!! i am going to definitely worry about her.) We're working on sitting and staying this week. She loves her vitamins, so she is a bit anxious when i get the bottle to give it to her, happy, anxious. But we're working on her 'manners'. hehe. Must sit and stay before she gets her vitamin. The good thing is that she allows me to pill her before I give her her vitamin, too. This is just something to help her coat, but isn't chewable.

Did I mention that she's gained 2 pounds, and is a whopping 8 pounds now?! :) According to the breeder and vet, she's got about 10 more lbs to go to full size.


Monday, February 19, 2007


Sis and son at his soccer game yesterday. It was a good time. He is getting better at listening and he has fun at soccer. Maggi likes Max (their MinPin) and we've had fun hanging out for the weekend.

I kind of splurged on the dogs (dog toys, treats and Kong w/ doggie peanut butter) and even got my nephew some Betas (fighting fish) - separated in one little fish bowl. One is red and blue and the other is more red. It was neat. Nephew was very excited. Their names are Fred and Joe. (my batteries are dead, or I'd take pics... let's hope they make it, and if they do, I'll post pics another day!)

One other interesting (scary) tid-bit of info... we figured out last night that my nephew who is 6 years old, has the same size feet as me!!! OMG. ok, now i know that's not saying too, too much, since I've got small feet. but he is 6!!! LOL.

Happy President's Day!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

Today is the Chinese New year for 2007. I spent it with my family. After being sick for a week, it was nice to spend the weekend with my sister (who I'm blessed to have also as a best friend) and my nephew.

We bought some Jade jewelry. I can't wait 'til it gets here! :)

I hope the near year brings us peace.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Maggi my Valentine

Maggi is 12 weeks old this week. Happy V-day. Here's the lovely weather... and her in the snow. How do you like that ice?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow and ICE

Ok, snow and ice are beautiful to LOOK at... but, definitely not a good combo for driving. No, nothing happened. I'm working from home today.

Maggi is funny 'cause every time something changes with the weather she isn't quite sure at first what is going on. She's figuring it out though. :) I'm quite smitten with my new pup. haha. So, speaking of her, I'll take some more pics today! Maybe even when we go out next time.

Back to the weather. So, it snowed, rained, sleeted last night, and it is still yucky out. Not terrible, but definitely some ice out there. They say this could go on through tomorrow. So, I guess I'll be here until it gets better.

My updated home study was sent to the USCIS (I think) last week. I've asked my home study agency to let me know if they didn't get it sent. If they did (and I hope they did!!), then I should get my updated I-171H in the next 30 days or so.

No new word on the next batch of referrals. Maybe I'll work on my taxes today, too.

Stay warm and safe!!


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Snow, Snow, SNOW

Wow, we got 6+ inches of snow here yesterday (i think it was probably 8 at my house)! We left work at almost 3:30 and my two co-worker friends started sliding down the hill outside where we work. So, I *rescued* them. haha. I took her car down the road to the gas station and then walked up the hill to get them (in my car... one was with me and one stayed in the car). It took us over 2 hours (almost 2.5) to get to my house... which is 10 minutes away on a good day! Yikes. It was crazy.

So, because the roads were so bad, they stayed at my house last night. It was fun. Maggi loved my friend Padma. They played and played! Latha, on the other hand, was terribly afraid of Maggi. At one point Maggi was running around the family room and scared the dickens out of Latha! I was rolling on the floor! Not that I am not sympathetic to her fear, but Maggi was just so funny, and trying to get her to play. We had frozen pizza and some boxed Indian food. Doesn't that sound good?! haha. Actually, it was pretty good.

Today, an angel cleared off my driveway!!! OMG. I was so SURPRISED. I got home expecting to have to trudge up my driveway with my groceries, and it was so clean! I could get in my garage. Wow, what a treat. And I have no idea who did it. I think it was my neighbor's son. I'll have to ask her when I get a chance.

I have to give a presentation tomorrow morning. I'm not looking forward to it. One of the jerky guys is going to be there. Oh joy. I pray I get through it unscathed. It seems like I'm always doing something wrong or not enough in this role. It is quite frustrating. (and I think I do a pretty darn good job, most days. oh well. try, try again, i must.)

There is a rumor that there might *potentially* be another referral batch before the Chinese New Year (this month). I'm not holding my breath. But, boy, wouldn't that be something.


Monday, February 5, 2007

Home study update, Dr. visit

All went well this morning. I had my Dr. visit to update my paperwork. She is so nice. She also removed those irritating skin tags I had on my neck. Ouchie. Full blood work-up, as usual. I have that done yearly.

My home study lady came today. Her name is Lee. She is just a nice as she could be! She came in and oohed and ahhed over my being single and how cute my house is. She said her single applicants are so capable and she is impressed. I thought that was so nice. (I don't feel like I do anything special.)

The kitchen did look darn good 'cause I got a new table cloth and mats for her visit. I'm such a goof. She didn't even look at the rest of the house... that I cleaned and cleaned this weekend! (I mean, really! I can actually have visitors now! LOL)

She was here all of 20 minutes or so, and I gave her my updated forms.

Dr. visit form
Work reference letter
3 reference letter updates
State Police clearance
2005 tax form
Bank letter (balances)
Financial form
Release form
Home study fee form

I'm so excited to be done. She said she is going to work on my updated home study tonight. I know I keep saying this, but I've got to get started on the baby's room. I cleaned the rest of the house this weekend and now I've got to get focussed on her room.

I read a rumor today that I might not get a referral until end of March or end of April. Let's see... I'll keep up with the rumors until I get my referral, of course! :)


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Rabbit, Rabbit

Day one of February and referrals are flying. Very good to hear! The rumor is that they've gotten to Oct 13 for sure, maybe even Oct 14. According to CCAI, I still might get mine next month! Wow.

Oh, yeah, thanks PromiseKeepers for reminding me to write about my 15 MONTH Anniversary!! :) Woohoo. Another month down. Really, it is a good thing. It would have been nice to have been earlier, but it is what it is (as my boss used to say), and I'm OK with it. Life is good.

Yesterday I drove to Louisville and got re-fingerprinted and turned in my new I-600A. It took 20 minutes total! OMG. I was so excited. It went smoothly and so quick! Last time I was there for hours...and hours. This time I took reading material! haha. I was home by 4pm (appt was 1:50).

Now, I've gotten all my paperwork updated except my work reference and Dr. appt. My Dr. appt. is Monday and so is my updated home study visit. Let's hope she can get my homestudy updated and sent to the USCIS next week so they can get started on my new I-171H. Pray, pray, pray.

It it supposed to get bitterly cold here in the next few days. I'm supposed to do the Frostbite 5 miler on Sunday and am thinking I might not if it is really MINUS Zero out! Yikes.