Monday, December 31, 2007


Here's my cutie in one of her Christmas outfits to celebrate New Years Eve!! :) (she's sitting in her new big girl chair!) Happy New Year everyone. I pray for a blessed 2008 for us all. If you are parents already, congratulations! If you aren't... hang in there. It will happen. And when it does... it will be amazing!!!

Love and Peace to all.

Again, Peace.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lil M today

We stayed in today. Lil M and I have had a very big week, indeed!! Here she is playing with the dog-dogs. She even *almost* said "bye" today when we were in the kitchen. It just might be her next real word. :) She always waves "hi" and "bye", but hasn't said either one yet.

Here's a little video of Lil M from today. It's not the greatest quality. Not sure why I can't get this camera to video very well... but it was still cute. :) And I'm NOT biased!!! haha.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas vacation, 16 mo

We've been on vacation this week. Lil M has also been teething. Oi. She's doing well, but was definitely cranky today. You know, regardless, she is just an angel. I just love it when she giggles and laughes...and when she knows she's done something I don't like and tries to correct it before I get upset. What a girl!!! For example, tonight she found a tiny little christmas tree piece on the floor... instead of putting into her mouth and freaking me out, she brought it over to me to throw away! Amazing. :) I just love her so much.

I thought I should finally try to share some videos of her, so, here is a short one from when we were in China of her and Aiyee Mimi. :) I hope it turns out ok!!!

Oh, Lil M is 16 months old today!! She was likely exactly 10 months old when this video was taken. My how time flies!!! Lots and lots of love, babykins.

Happy New Year!!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Wakey Wakey, it's Christmas MORN!!!!! (sleepy Mama and Lil M!!)
Happy Mommy Mimi, who got a pretty bracelet from her Chasey-man
Lil M wanted to play with Aiyee Mimi's pot.... clankety, clank!!!!
Chase got a very cool camera/video cam!!!
Aiyee Mimi and Lil M, trying to pose for Mama!

That's better! :) Oops, Lil M still isn't looking at the camera!!Gramma and Grampa got Lil M an Amazing Doll!!!! See the resemblance? She was touching her *nose*... that doll must have looked pretty real!! lol

Yes, I subject my poor child to torture, such as this!!!!! hahaha She was too cute!
We're playing chess in the background, and Lil M is laughing at someone about the Silly Reindeer ears MAMA put on her!!!! :) (ok, maybe not, but she's laughing at something!)
Mama Mia is tired again... I could have slept this way all night. Lil M had a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS day...and she was having a little trouble settling in for the night. But she gave me loveys and kisses before she went to sleep. Ahhhh, Mommyhood. I wish she (would/could always be so happy and easy-going!!!

Our first Christmas was just amazing. Her first thing that she learned was how to pull the name tags off the presents... She seemed to enjoy most everything about the day. She didn't open presents, so much, but she did like to play with everything! Paper, boxes, the toys... it didn't matter! :)

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting Ready

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! We're getting ready for Christmas!! :) This is my first Christmas as a MOMMY!!!! This is also Lil' M's first Christmas. Woohoo!! She's just a joy. I'm so excited about this next week. I'm off all week, and into the new year, too.

I promise to post pics soon!!

Lil M has been walking more and more! Oh, let's see, we got to see Auntie Ellen and Dave on Thursday. They got her the cutest little rocking chair!! Oh, and lots of clothes!!! She's set for a few weeks, haha. :) We went to Bob Evans and Lil M did so well. She drank out of a straw for the first time. All these firsts.... !!

Last night we hung out with my friend S. She's getting used to going to a restaurant, I guess! Two days in a row... crazy stuff! We've not been out like that in so long! Lil M showed off for him, too!! She's a hoot!

Lil M loves her little chair. She's rocking in it right now!! I'm going to have to try to get it on video. :)

I've wrapped quite a few presents... but not everything. So, gotta get ready!


Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, it snowed this weekend, so we've stayed in mostly. We went and got a couple groceries yesterday, and salt. Lil M seems to like her new shoes! She is wearing some purple ones that we got in China right now. I wonder if she's gonna be a shoe lover! haha.

She got a Vtech toy for her birthday that she seems to really enjoy. I finally got the batteries in it and hooked it up to the TV, even. Yes, I realize that her birthday was at the end of August. I'm slow, ok? Not really... it's just that she has toys she loves, and I thought I'd wait until later so that she really paid attention to this one! :) This is the toy she got from Uncle Joe and Gramma/Grandpa. We had 3 games for it, plus she can play with it without official games.

She's still walking, of course, but the shoes do make it tougher, so she doesn't wear them all day. She's been giving kisses... puckers her little lips up and goes mmmmmmsmooch. haha. She's also been giving hugs. She has learned how to climb up on the couch and onto the little ottoman stool that I have. She moves my foot off the stool, then the pillow, then climbs up on it and laughs. haha. Very cute. She's standing here laughing at me typing, right now, and just shsh-ed the dog.

She's got two more teeth coming in... so she's almost got 6 full teeth. Let's see, is there anything else...? hm. Guess not. Oh, she still loves her swing. When I put her in it she laughes with GLEE!!! She cracks me up. She likes to stand next to it and push on it, too.

Ok, that's it for now. I just can't believe how much she can do at 15 months, now!! :)


Friday, December 14, 2007

Stride Rites

I got Mia her first pair of "real" shoes last night...We went to the Stride Rite place and they measured her and I got her some pink tennies. :) Cute.

She moves to the next room up next month. They said she has to wear shoes. I don't make her wear them much, because I wanted her to get used to walking without them first... but she needed something. So, there ya go.

She has other shoes, don't get me wrong. Cute shoes that Auntie Ellen gave her. But every time I put them on her for Daycare they end up off before the end of the day. Not sure why. But it is ok.

I finally took a couple of my rings that I go myself *last* year to get sized! I'll get them back on Tuesday and can finally wear them without fear that they'll fall off! haha. If they do a good job, I need to take a couple more over there. The place I get my rings is online, and they only do a size 7, which is 1-2 sizes too big for me. Last year I went through a stint where I got some 'fun' jewelry. Nothing expensive, really, just fun. None of the big 4, but more like citrine, green amethyst and garnets.

Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching!! I think it will be fun. :)


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


First, thank you all for having my back and sticking up for me. :) Blasting poor Scott isn't the answer, though. He is really a very nice guy, and I didn't mean to put blame on him. Don't kill the messenger, as they say. He was just verbalizing the thoughts that some people around here actually do have. Which is sad. But just because someone says it, doesn't mean they themselves feel that way. So. Please don't blast him anymore... k?

Now, as far as the actual idea of single motherhooddom, what is the big F'ing deal? I mean, if you think about it... we've got to be even more organized and with it than most couples do. ALL the pressure is on us. One person. Not two. But to discriminate against someone who is single with children would be to discriminate a TON of people!

I think part of why Scott said something to me in the first place is that he sees my plight at work. And was trying to tell me he understood. And I really appreciate that. I am quite the sensitive girl, apparently... even though, my Sis tells me to LIGHTEN UP! LOL. (this is over lots of stuff, btw... SO, no blasting of Sis either... k?)

I really do appreciate you all. :)


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Single Mother by Choice

Hrmph. Ok, I was talking to my friend Scott tonight (sorry Scott), and he said that some people in the "Midwest" look at me as an "Un-wed Mother". ???? What? Insinuating that I'm not as good as a married woman. :( What??

I'm a Single Mom By Choice. No one who goes through the adoption process, for 3 years or LONGER, is an "Un-wed Mother". We get special status, IMO. And I don't care what others think, mostly. But, it sort of hit a sore spot, I guess.

I realize he didn't mean anything bad by it...but the idea just sticks in my crawl. Sorry. Yes, it is true. I'm un-wed. That is by choice. I mean, no I couldn't just go out and get married this second. But, I have had the chance, and I passed it up (for very good reason). Would I get married? Absolutely... to the right man.

Anyhow... anyone who has the idea that I'm an "Un-wed Mother" can kiss my un-wed-mother-ass. That's how I feel about that.



It's official... Lil M is walking! She took a couple steps for the Dr. on Friday...and has really been trying today... She's taken 6 or 7 steps at a time 3 or 4 times today! Woohoo! The Dr. suggested I practice with her a bit, so that's what we've done. But she has been walking by herself. :) Very cool!!! I'll get pics when I can!!



Lil M has a fever today, about 101.5 or so. We were going to have her pic taken, but I'm thinking we'll wait. I'm worried she'll continue to have it overnight. She did pretty well yesterday, but woke up with it today. Please pray her fever goes down and stays down or I won't be able to take her to daycare tomorrow.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Shots - 15 month

We went for Lil M's 15 month check up today. She's doing great. She's saying her requisite 3-6 words (Mama, Dada, Baby, DogDog and Shhhh - yes, she Shsh's the dogs!!!) She's also 29" long, 21lbs and head circumference is 17". She is still in the 40th percentile. She took 1.5 (or 2) steps at the doctor's office by herself!! WOOHOO. 2nd time ever!

She had FOUR, yes 4, shots. :( boohoo. We were supposed to go Monday, but I thought it would be best to go today since I got off work early. Now, we'll have the weekend for her to recover. Oh, how I hope she doesn't feel bad like last time.


Santa pic

Here is Lil M with Santa!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I took Lil M to get her pic taken with Santa last night. My friend Lenore went with us. Definitely another first. :) She did well. She didn't cry, but she didn't laugh either. I will post the pic as soon as I get it scanned!

It snowed here overnight. I decided to stay home from work today with Lil M. We've had a good morning so far. I had an appointment at 1pm, but I decided to move it. A lot of schools and such were closed today, even though it wasn't that bad out. Oh well. It it is nice to have some extra time here!


Monday, December 3, 2007


I've been tagged for the first time in a long time, thanks to Tom!!! :)

Instructions:Each tagged person must post 8 random facts or habits about themselves on their blog. At the end of the post, choose 8 people to be tagged and list their names.

Don't forget to leave a comment telling them that they are tagged and to read your blog. Have fun!

Here are my 8 random facts / abnormalities:

1) I'm 36 and have never been married. Some people find that odd.

2) I've completed 16 full-length marathons (26.2 miles), in 9 different states. Again, some people find that odd, or over-the-top. I don't think it is weird at all.

3) I don't believe you have to *birth* a child to be his or her Mom. To me, it is equivalent. To most, it isn't.

4) I'm a "believer", baptised Southern Baptist. But I couldn't be further from the Right Theologically... so, I'm a *born again* Liberal United Church of Christ member. (don't egg my house, please.)

5) I believe it takes people 30 or more years to figure out who they are and if they *like* themselves. Some people never grow up, or grow into the person they could be, and I find that sad. And I wish everyone could like themselves for who/what they've become, because we all go through stuff and shouldn't be martyrs or islands.

6) I have a big need to help people.

7) If I hadn't taken the *long hard road* to where I am today, I would be a completely different person. And I like who I am. I'm proud of myself for staying the course over time. And, believe it or not, that doesn't mean I'm *conceited* or full of myself. Quite the contrary.

8) I have this desire to try new things and to continually learn. I'm still considering how I can manage to get my MBA, while not sacrificing Lil M time. Someone said I wasn't "organized" one day, and I nearly fell over in disbelief!!!

I'm tagging:
1. hobbhungry
2. macey's mom
3. gone fishin' (sbixler)
4. carol adopts
5. trip to emily
6. maylings mama
7. happy hoppes!
8. three peas in a pod!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Women's Basketball

I got tickets to the city cross-town shoot out women's basketball game yesterday. We cheered for UC and they won! :) It was a lot of fun. Sis, Chase, my friend Scott, me and Mia went. I love college basketball, but I do like men's better than women's. More action, I think. lol. Apparently, it was the 30th annual crosstown shootout. Fun! Then we did a little shopping. I got a UD sweatshirt, which is odd, since I'm quite far away from there... and there isn't anything of MY school in the stores down here!!

We did our Christmas cards today. Basically, it was a fairly laid back weekend.

This will be Lil's M's first Christmas (with me)....and I'm starting to get in the spirit. Chase helped put out Christmas lights last night. I have reindeer and 2 lighted trees outside, along with some lights on the hedges. It is starting to look like Christmas! lol.

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday's game.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend pics

Here is Chase and Lil M. She's got the funniest look on her face, but he has a great smile!

Much better big smile from my girl!
Aiyee Mimi telling Lil M she *can* fly!!
Chase requested I hold Lil M up in the air!
DinnerLil M set up for the big dinner!
After dinner cuddle before I am-scram to go shopping!
Oh, forgot the HAT! She wanted to pick the hat up, but it was too heavy.... so, Sis and Grampa put it on her for a photo op. haha.


After Thanksgiving

So... we did turkey day at my Dad's house. It was very good. My brother was there for the first time in years and years. It was also Lil M's First Thanksgiving!! :)

However, I did something I haven't done in probably 8 years... I didn't do the Turkey Trot. :( It was pouring rain here even at 4am, 'cause I woke up in the middle of the night. Sis and I said that if it continued to rain in the morning we probably wouldn't go because I didn't want to take Lil M in the rain. I *will* get one of those plastic covers for my running stroller, but hadn't had time to get it before the race.

I tried to call my friend Joe, but didn't get him. Not sure why, but now I feel bad 'cause I haven't heard from him... So, Joe, if you're reading this, I did try to call, but didn't hear back. I wrote you a message at like 2am telling you about the rain. I hope you had a great run, and will write or call you very soon, I promise.
Back to Thanksgiving, when I did get up, I was very grumpy that I missed the run. Even though, it seemed logical in the middle of the night. We did have Chase, and too him to Dad's. After dinner, Sis and I came back and I took a 2 hour nap. Lil M stayed over at Gramma and Grampa's house!!! That was a first! I thought I was going to be very stressed, but we all did ok. :) She had fun, and got to hang out with Uncle Joe for quite awhile. I was very happy about that!

Sis and I started our *Black Friday* shopping at 1am Friday morning. Yes, 1am. We went to the first store that opened and ended up going to Value City, Kohl's, Radio Shak, Ace Hardware, Walgreens and then I went to a Pottery place. We were done at about 11:30am. I went to get Lil M and then we went to the Pottery place, so she got to also go on her first-ever black friday shopping trip!! hahaha.

Sis and I have been VERY tired since last night!! I didn't sleep for over 24 hours, and neither did she. But it was fun and was definitely worth it. We got almost all our Christmas shopping done, and even got her a cool Christmas tree (for $19.99, 6.5' tree, with lights!!), which was the best deal we could find! I'm trying to convince Sis that we should go ahead and put it up today, but that hasn't happened, yet!!

Really, black friday shopping can be worth it if you know what you are looking for. The prices can be fantastic!! :) The lines, however, not so much. ha. But, it wasn't as bad this year. Last year we stood outside in the freezing cold for 3 hours. We didn't dare do that again this year! And we still got some great deals.

Anyway, I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Little Video

Down on the bottom right of the page... there is a little video I added of Lil M opening a present! Don't mind the baby talk! LOL

I would have added it here, but it is too big for the section.

Added: I had to remove the video because it seems to mess with my page. I will try to add it again, but smaller or something. Thank you for the comments on and off my blog!! :) You can also see it on my MySpace page -


First Present

Gramsey and Grandad sent Lil M a present yesterday... just because!! Look at that SMILE!!! She loved it!! Gramsey didn't want me to wait until today, but I'm glad I did and let her open it with me!!! :)


Friday, November 16, 2007

Way back when

Here are some oldies but goodies... Y'all know I'm a twin. Here we are!!! First pic, I'm on the right. 2nd pic, I'm on the left.
Third pic, I'm on the left, sitting with my great-grandfather. Sis, is with our great-grandmother.
Sis and I with Grandpa Hunt!!! We miss you and love you Grandpa. He was *surely* the strongest man I EVER knew.

Look at the dolled up women-folk at our graduation!!!!! Grandma Heaton!! We love you! Me, Sis, MOM, and Mommaw (We love you too!!!) This is likely my FAVORITE all-time picture, because it has ALL of us in it!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advice or Poll

I need some advice. This is sort of work related... but was hoping someone could help me!!! LOL.

How do you get...

1. new people you work with to understand how smart you are (besides waiting for them to figure it out)?

2. someone to come off their high horse and realize the team they have is valuable?

3. 'faster to market', 'higher quality' AND 'cut costs' at the same time? Isn't is really two of the three at any given time?? How do you get people to understand this concept, or rather, misconception?

4. your 14 month old to eat sweet potatoes after they LIKED them a week ago, but want nothing to do with them now?


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Digs

At work I have a new cube, desk space... whatever you'd like to call it!! :) It is nice to have a window seat... but I miss my old cube-mate and all my other team members. They split up our group and I feel quite alone over here!! boo.

Lil M is doing well. I kind of upset her this morning by wanting to take her pic in her cute little outfit. Nothing fancy, but it is one of the ones I got in China. I'll post more pics soon.

I've got to get the house ready... Thanksgiving is NEXT week!!! OMG!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Typical weekend

I'm a slug. ha. Actually, I felt like we needed some down time, so we're staying in this weekend. I'm still sad about my Mommaw's passing and am dealing with some emotions from that.

I've been cleaning a bit, and am going to try to get the whole house in fairly good shape by tomorrow. As sad as it sounds, I can hear Mommaw tisk tisking me for not having my bed properly made. But you knew by now I'm a goof, right? Really, I just can't stand to be so cluttered. So, I've been working on that.

The dogs and kitty are good; so is Lil M. Well, she seems a bit cranky, too. We're fine though. We're getting back on track.

Now, to the finances... definitely need positive vibes and prayers for that.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Whiney Butt

Thanks for the feedback last night!! :) I love to hear from you all. Sometimes I blog for myself and to keep things for Lil' M... and other times, it is really great to hear from others!! 'Cause it makes feel like I'm not so alone in all this.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

I must be boring

I don't get many comments anymore.... booh. Nobody loves me?! haha

Really, I know my posts lately have been a bit on the sad side... Hopefully, I'll have some good pics and stuff to post with the holidays coming up.


PS. It is Maggi-Moo's FIRST birthday!!! Woohoo!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Little Better

Well, they say every day gets easier when a loved one passes.... not sure that *every* day does, but over time it happens. So, today vs. last week has started to feel a little better. I'm still sad. But, as with all things, I can't sit here and get stuck in the sad spot. So... there ya go.

I'm glad to have had the time off I needed to grieve. Let's see how work goes when I go back tomorrow. As usual, prayer would be nice....

Lil' M and the pups are doing well, as is Manna. Lil' M didn't take a nap at daycare today, so it will be an early night for her. I'm going to try to make it an early night for me, too.

It was nice to see referrals come in. I can't believe that there are people out there who have had to wait 24 months. I thought 18 was long.... well, some days. And then other days the time flew by. But I'm so happy to read about the referrals!!! I hope they are as happy as I've been!!!!! :)


Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I received a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers today. They were sent from my friends at work. That was so sweet and unexpected. Thank you all.


Dinner and Family Time

We wore purple in honor of Mommaw. She was laid to rest in lavendar, and we wanted to show our respect. I am glad we did. She loved purple.Mindy and her new dolls.
Aunt Gay Gay and Me with our dolls.
Aunt Bonnie, Me, Mindy, Aunt Gay Gay and Myra Jo with all our dolls!!! Oh, how Mommaw loved her dolls. We'll have to display them for her.
Chase. He loved the countryside and the drive. We took TONS of pictures on the drive down and back.

It was really good for all of us to spend a few hours together after the funeral. It was a very tough few days for me. Mommaw was SUCH a huge part of our lives, and I still feel guilty for not being able to see her as much as I wanted. It was very comforting to hear how much she talked about Lil' M. Apparently, she carried her pics around and just went on and on about how much she loved her. That just makes my heart melt. You know, adoption is perceived differently than birth, by some. And the fact that Mommaw, in her 90 years... loved this child of mine, and gave her the same love she gave the rest of us is just heartening. There is hope, indeed.

Mommaw had something special set aside for each of her Grandchildren. She had jewelry for the Ladies and her quilts for the Men. Mindy and I were overwhelmed, because we weren't expecting anything. And, definitely nothing as special as the jewelry we saw here wear EVERY day!!! Amazing. So, I'm not the proud owner of the beautiful pendant she wore all the time, and Mindy has one of her rings. Words can't express how this makes me feel. I feel loved.

Mommaw also had her baby dolls that she collected over many, many years that she wanted us girls to have. This again was just for the grandchildren... even though, she had great and great-great grandchildren. Aunt Bonnie did give one of the dolls to Mia, and that just was so nice of her. :)

All of my heart goes out to my family and to Mommaw. May she be sitting with Jesus in a beautiful purple gown with lots of purple flowers and family she hasn't seen in a long, long time!!


Resting Place

Mommaw started out a "Boone". So, it was befitting that the funeral took place at the Boone-Nickell Funeral Home. Our whole family was there, sans Mom and Uncle June. Even Uncle Lynnie was there. He is not doing well himself, as he has Colon Cancer. But we were so glad to see him and that he was able to make the trip. It is 3 hours or so from Dayton, which is where we all started our trips from.

Mommaw's first husband passed away the year before I was born. She wanted to be buried next to him, and you can maybe see the "Beckett" name plate, but she also has "Hunt" from my Grandpa who she loved very much. God, we are going to miss her.

This is me walking through the area to go back and see what they were going to do with the flowers. There were MANY fresh flowers. She was buried with a purple and pink rose, along with some family pictures and a small quilt I started the day Grandpa went to Hospice. I never got to finish it, but I wanted her to have it.
This is where my Mom's side of the family is laid to rest.

Amazingly, from Mommaw's grave, you can see Marcy's house, who was her Niece. They were very close, and it was comforting to see one of our family homes overlooking Elizaville. This is where we had some family time and dinner after the funeral.