Friday, December 14, 2007

Stride Rites

I got Mia her first pair of "real" shoes last night...We went to the Stride Rite place and they measured her and I got her some pink tennies. :) Cute.

She moves to the next room up next month. They said she has to wear shoes. I don't make her wear them much, because I wanted her to get used to walking without them first... but she needed something. So, there ya go.

She has other shoes, don't get me wrong. Cute shoes that Auntie Ellen gave her. But every time I put them on her for Daycare they end up off before the end of the day. Not sure why. But it is ok.

I finally took a couple of my rings that I go myself *last* year to get sized! I'll get them back on Tuesday and can finally wear them without fear that they'll fall off! haha. If they do a good job, I need to take a couple more over there. The place I get my rings is online, and they only do a size 7, which is 1-2 sizes too big for me. Last year I went through a stint where I got some 'fun' jewelry. Nothing expensive, really, just fun. None of the big 4, but more like citrine, green amethyst and garnets.

Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching!! I think it will be fun. :)



  1. I'll bet Mia's shoes are soooo tiny and cute and fit over her itty-bitty feet same as on a little doll!

    Since I prance, flutter, and skip from point A to point B, I protect my feet by wearing the same ballerina shoes I wore when I starred in the Russian ballet production of "Where's Gerardo?" They're made from leopard-print suede and would go great with the tiger striped spandex I asked (begged) Santa for.


  2. I bet your leopard suede ballet shoes are THE BEST!!!!!!! :)

    Santa is good to you! I bet you are gonna get what you asked for this year! hahaha.

    Yes, Mia's shoes are really cute! She seems to like them, too.


  3. This Christmas will be one of the best...with Little Miss M home to share the holiday with!