Sunday, December 2, 2007

Women's Basketball

I got tickets to the city cross-town shoot out women's basketball game yesterday. We cheered for UC and they won! :) It was a lot of fun. Sis, Chase, my friend Scott, me and Mia went. I love college basketball, but I do like men's better than women's. More action, I think. lol. Apparently, it was the 30th annual crosstown shootout. Fun! Then we did a little shopping. I got a UD sweatshirt, which is odd, since I'm quite far away from there... and there isn't anything of MY school in the stores down here!!

We did our Christmas cards today. Basically, it was a fairly laid back weekend.

This will be Lil's M's first Christmas (with me)....and I'm starting to get in the spirit. Chase helped put out Christmas lights last night. I have reindeer and 2 lighted trees outside, along with some lights on the hedges. It is starting to look like Christmas! lol.

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday's game.



  1. Looks like Mia went to her first basketball game. This entire month is going to be loaded with firsts for her!

    Looks like everybody had a great time:)


  2. You have been TAGGED! Come to my blog for the details:)