Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, referrals and tag

I was tagged... I'll get to that.

It is that time of month that we are waiting for referrals still! I'm wondering when and to what date. You all probably know by now that my referral is coming up sometime soon... ok, in the next couple of months. So, this month is quite important to me!

Maggi is doing very well. She is 11 weeks old today, and here is a pic I took tonight.

She had a little accident today, but I caught her right in the act and rushed her outside. It was her only accident in the past week or so, so she's doing great. I think she's just a doll. I'm so glad I got her. Thanks sis for the recommendation. :)

Mondays are tough. I am especially tired today, as I was this weekend. I'm thinking it is the weather... it is COLD outside! Work is tough right now.... again. Things were getting a little better and then, WHAM, they hit me again. This time it is conversion testing. The team is unhappy with our progress, even though we aren't supposed to be responsible for the bulk of it. Somehow, communication is, yet again, a problem. :( Ugh. This too shall pass... right?!

I go Wednesday to Louisville to have my fingerprints redone and to submit my I-600A for the 2nd time (to get it renewed). Pray my I-171H comes back quick.

So, 6 things that are strange about me (of course, there are likely more!!):

1. I love wedge fries with melted cheddar cheese on them, and the dipped in Blue Cheese! YUM. Sis and BIL teased me this weekend saying it was a 'craving' (that being paper-pregnant), but really... it isn't! I tried it at BW3's one day and was hooked. Clogged arteries and all... that's why I run! hehe.
2. I love fabric, and I have a TON of it. ;-)
3. I don't care about having laundry sitting in the family room, but I hate having a dirty kitchen. Ok, so maybe that isn't strange... but it is true.
4. I'm not a morning person, but I'm not a night-owl either. I like the middle of the afternoon, early evening the best.
5. I can't sleep if my face is cold. So, if the room is cold and even if the rest of me is warm, I have to turn up the heat until it feels warm in the room or I can't sleep. Yes, I'm odd.
6. I would rather watch my favorite TV shows than a movie when I'm by myself. Not sure why, but I'm too lazy to put a movie in the DVD player, and I just prefer to watch movies with other people.

I'm tagging Sis, Joe, PromiseKeepersDaughter (who was already tagged, apparently! oops), canyon401, and Carol! :)


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Travel estimations

So, I finally decided to sit down and look at the possible outcomes for travel, depending on when I get a referral. It can take 5-8 weeks to get travel approval after referral. I've done 5 and 8 week options, and somewhere in between in a couple of cases.

If I get a referral at the end of Feb / beginning of Mar, possible travel dates are:

Apr 9-20
Apr 30-May11

If I get a referral at the end of Mar/ beginning of Apr, possible travel dates are:

Apr 30-May 11
May 7 -> 18 > 25??
May 21 -> 28 > June 15??

So... still don't have a clue, but it is interesting. Looks like May is a good bet. It would work out best for my work schedule to go at the end of April and come back before May 14. So I could work from home after our May 14 install, if necessary. Otherwise, boy wouldn't it be great to hold off until at least May 21 (my bday) or later. Let's see what happens!!!


Quite exciting

The rumors of referrals are flying. It is a quite exciting month. :) Ok, so I admit, I'm getting closer and closer to referral... so, it might be more exciting for me!! The only thing I'm concerned with is making sure all my documentation is updated and in order IN TIME. I'm really working on that.

Somehow I think I need to go buy myself a new bed and end-table lamp for my bedroom. I also need to start my taxes next week. :) I'm just so excited today. That light at the end of the tunnel gets just a bit brighter each day.

My friends are awesome. I have to have my reference letters updated. One friend already sent it to me yesterday!

I am dying to get into the baby's room now and see what I can get done. I need to get my nephew's crib and get it set up soon. And I need to see if there is something she can sleep in near my bed, if necessary. I also need to talk to work and let them know what is going on. I'm going to do that in the next week or so (when we get this next set of referrals).

I pray for baby girl. I pray she is being held and loved. I pray she is being fed and is sleeping well. I pray she is not lonely. I pray she is healthy. And I pray she and I bond as mother and daughter.

I am so blessed. Life is good.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trinity Magdalena

So, I think I've picked Maggi's name for her papers... Trinity Magdalena. It could change. I won't send it in for a few days yet. But this will likely be part of it, if not the her whole registered name.

Maggi is getting settled here in her new home. Mostly, she is doing great! She's only had 5 or so accidents now. She's very smart and loves to play and snuggle. She will be 10 weeks old Monday. Wow. And on Tuesday, she'll have been here with me for 2 weeks already! :)

I'm thinking I'm going to be even more ga-ga when the baby gets here. LOL. Ok, back to reality... got to get cleaning.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Referral estimates

Ok, I'm chatty today.

So, my agency says in their January newsletter that those of us with an LID of 10/31/05 *might* get our referral at the end of FEBRUARY!!!!! OMG. I am in shock. Now, I don't know that I believe it yet, but still... I'm thinking it'll be March... but if they are right, that is NEXT month!! YIKES. I need to get on the ball.

To do:
Update paperwork,
Decorate the Baby's room,
Baby-proof the house,
Buy myself a new bed,
Get the puppy potty-trained
Finish saving $$ for the trip!!



I was tagged by PromiseKeepersDaughter! I'm tagging Sis and Joe.

A - Available or Taken: Available
B - Best Friend: Sis, Misty, Ellen
C - Cake or Pie: Pie, for sure!
D - Drink of Choice: Decaf coffee, water.
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday: Face Lotion, Heating Pad (really, almost every day).
F - Favorite Color: Red
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears.
H - Hometown: Dayton, OH
I - Indulgence: Starbucks and chocolate
J- January or February: January - it's a new year!
K - Kids and Names: none yet, but soon to be Mia ElainaMae
L - Life Incomplete Without: My Sister and nephew
M - Marriage Date: N/A
N - Number of Siblings: Two, Mirror Twin sister and half-brother.
O - Oranges or Apples: Apples
P - Phobias or Fears: cockroaches, not being able to provide for my daughter.
Q - Favorite Quote: Sorrow looks back, Worry Looks around, Faith looks up.
R - Reason(s) to Smile: Life, my new puppy, God is good to me
S - Season: Fall
T - Tag 4 People: Sis, Joe, and anyone else who hasn't been tagged.
U - Unknown Fact About Me: Due to my small feet, I used to model shoes, back in the day.
V - Veggie You Don't Like: Egglplant
W - Worst Habit: shopping, frowning when i'm upset (who wants wrinkles?!)
X - X-rays: Teeth, foot, wrist, head
Y - Your Favorite Food: corn on the cob, ice cream
Z - Zodiac: Taurus/Gemini


Maggi's been with me for over a week now, officially.

Her stats:

Born 11/08/06
8 weeks 1/08/07
Came to live with me 1/09/07
First Vet visit with me 1/12/07 - she was 5 lb 2 oz and healthy. Got heartworm med.

Today is a week and a day since she's been here. She's a love. She is also suffering a bout of diarrhea, likely from eating some of Max's food over the weekend and getting off our schedule a bit. Boo. I'm hoping she'll get better today or tomorrow.

She didn't pee or poo in her crate for the first week, but with this diarrhea, she's done it twice now. :( Let's hope this doesn't continue. She gets her first bath from me today. Stinky girl.

I've still got to get my paperwork redone for the adoption. I am hoping to do it soon!! I think I'm going to go get a new bed soon and some other things for the baby's room.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sis and Maggi

I think she approves!! :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Maggi's parents

Here's the puppy's parents. The mom is the blue brindel and the dad is the tri, like Maggi. Mom is Sheba and dad is Booter.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Pup Pics

Puppy update

Introducing the new puppy. So, you probably can she she isn't a Chinese Crested. Well, somehow I was convinced (wink, wink) to get a Tri-colored Sheltie instead.

Tri-athlon? ;-)
Insert Name Here... ?

Isn't she cute?! She's going to be about 18-20 lbs, most likely and, IMO, was the cutest of the puppies left in her litter. Thank you, Anita!! :) The pup was born 11/08/06 and was 8 weeks old on Monday. So, I got her at 8 weeks 1 day old! (I got her sister-kittie, Manna, when she was exactly 8 weeks old (DOB 07/02/1994). They even have some of the same coloring.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

2007 Goals

Self-improvement goals:

1. Stay Positive.
2. Be Agreeable.
3. Fake it 'til you make it.

Running goals:

1. 4 marathons
2. 4 half-marathons
3. Take Chase to run a couple of 5Ks and run at least 2 5K's for time.
4. PR at Marathon distance and 5K

What are your goals this year?


New Year

So, the latest batch of referrals came Jan 3. That was great news. The next thing is whether or not the next batch will arrive before China New Year, Feb 14. Let's pray it does. I think it will.

I won't discuss work here anymore, except to say that it is awful right now and I'm just praying I can get through that, too. I really need this.

Onto running, this is a new year and new goals. I've got 2 goal marathons planned for this spring, and they are close to home. I'm now going to focus on that and the baby's room.


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

14 month LID

As of December 31, I've been logged into China for 14 full months. Wow. That light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to get a little brighter than it has been...

Happy New Year, and Congratulations to all the new families who will be getting referrals soon (if not already)!!