Saturday, June 30, 2007

A couple of minutes

On the way home...
Sugar Plum did GREAT on the 14+ hour plane ride from Hong Kong to Chicago.

Grandpa was VERY excited to meet his new granddaughter!!As were my cousins!!
And Friends!!! (I didn't get a pic of Ellen and Dave, and I'm bummed about that. I was SOOOO tired and we had two pieces of missing luggage, it was a little hectic.)

So, I have a couple of minutes to write, 'cause Little M is still sleeping! I know I should wake her, but 'never wake a sleeping baby', eh?! She had another tough night. Normally, she would sleep all night when we were in China. So far, here, she's woken up about 3 times a night just SO upset. I tried my hand at making congee last night for the first time. I must have done alright, since she ate it!! LOL

I got up about 9:30am, believe it or not, and had spaghetti for breakfast!!! My friend Joe made it and it was just awesome. I also had 3 bananas. LOL. Dad picked some up for me yesterday, and I was quite thankful this morning!!! I also put in the last load of laundry and installed her car seat bottom. She will fit in this car seat for just a bit longer, and I'll have to change to a bigger one. I'm ok with that. I just needed to get one in the car.

There is still so much to write, I just don't know where to begin.


Friday, June 29, 2007

We're here

Wow, what a long couple of days! Sis, Mia and I are home. We slept all day today. Yikes. Oh, and my laptop doesn't seem to want to turn on. Shit. And I do mean, Shit. I have probably 3GB of pics and video on my laptop from the trip.

Oh, and did I mention that my camera was stolen in China? With a 2GB card in it. :( I got a new camera, but those pics can't be redone. Complain, complain.

I have a terrible headache and my wrists (of all things) hurt like heck. I took some more Advil. Let's see if that finally kicks in.

The welcoming committee was awesome last night. Sis and I missed our flight from Chicago, and that had us totally upset. We finally got in about 9pm and my Dad, cousins (Molly, Emmy and Hannah, another MEH group, haha), friends Ellen, Dave, Joe and Kat were all there still waiting for our arrival! They had a huge sign and a bear with balloons waiting for us. It was so sweet. We were missing 2 pieces of luggage, but they arrived today, thank God.

Mia was an American Citizen once we entered Chicago, and that was pretty cool, too!! :)

So much to tell!!! I've got to go figure out what the heck is going on with my laptop now, though. It is really frustrating. I sort of guilted Sis into staying last night, but am glad she did. We all really needed the rest.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Red Couch

Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is love!!! (she was completely zonked out)

Today we went and had the medical exam done. I asked them to document the mongolian spot on Little M's back/bum, so that we won't have issues later on. Our guide, Vigor, goes to request her Visa tomorrow.

I wonder how Manna and Maggi will do with the baby and vice versa. I am glad I'll have a little time off, so I can figure out how to handle a puppy and a baby at the same time. Our days are so full here, I also wonder what we will do once we get home. If I have to stay at home all the time, I'll go stir-crazy. Not that I have to stay home, exactly... but, maybe you understand what I mean. I guess this means I'll need to find us some things to do. lol. You know me... go, go, go. Poor child. LOL

Red Carpet (I mean, Couch) photos are next...


Too many cute ones

Here are a couple more cute pics. We are in Guangxhou now. It is still HOT HOT HOT. Little M was a fussy butt this morning, but it was 'cause she had a little potty issue. Once that was resolved, she was just a doll the rest of the day. Very happy and fun.

More tomorrow.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Sling and such

I was asked about the sling I'm using. Sis and I found the sling here in Nanning, but I can't think of the store right now. Little M does seem to like it pretty well. We've used it since the first day. I'm the only one in our group of 6 that is using a sling. The others are using more of a traditional front-facing carrier. I have one of those, too, and will switch, probably, when she is too big for the sling.

So, as I mentioned above, there are six families here, including me and Sis. The babies are Little M, Anna Faye, Ava, Eva, Laura, Jayda (I have to double-check the spelling of Jayda, it might be Jaida).

Last night was the first night my little Sugar Plum seemed jealous of me giving another baby attention. I was trying to give Anna Faye some congee in front of Mia and she went ballistic. LOL Ok, it wasn't that funny, but I was a little surprised. Looks like the babies are recognizing who the Mama's are.

M is working on sitting up by herself, and doing pretty well at it. She can sit by herself, but not for long periods. Same for standing. And she doesn't walk yet.

Off to Guangxhou today. Let's see how M does on the plane and in a new place. Oh, and the bags. Wow, we've got a lot of stuff.



Our bags, that is! OH MY. I am scared to go to the airport tomorrow. We leave for Guangxhou, and we are definitely overweight.

Here are a couple of pics from today. We went to a traditional village today. Quite interesting and fun. I'll try to post more tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Our last pic of the 2nd big day. Mama feeding Sugar Plum some Congee.
Say it with me.... AWWWWWW. This outfit lasted 10 minutes, then she threw up on herself and Aiyee Mimi. haha. Very cute while it lasted.
Let's go out Mama... I'm not sure about this hat though... and you're going out with your hair not done! Yikes. ;-) Who'da thunk me as a 'hippie' Mama... Sugar Plum has been riding every where in style in a pink sling we bought here in China. :)
Sugar Plum and Aiyee Mimi napping... ok, almost. :) Just to give me a chance to blog and send emails. And I so rudely woke M up to give the laundry guy our laundry...oopsie...what's that about not waking a sleeping baby?! ;-)

I had someone ask me if Baby M was Chinese. LOL Then another lady said she didn't look like me. HAHA. Really? Well, some people think she does. And, so what if she doesn't?! ;-)

I "KNOW" my life is changing... but right now, I'm just so thrilled with everything. The country is wonderful, the people (who don't stare) are very nice... and my little Sugar Plum is just a doll baby.

Auntie Mimi is officially Aiyee Mimi (nice flow... IEEE Mimi...and i'm Mamaaaaaaa!!!!) ;-)


More pics of the 2nd Big day

On our way to the Notary Office, before going to take the final oath here in Nanning. The adoption is final today, as far as Nanning is concerned, which was Tuesday, June 19.All the families waiting in the lobby of the Notary building. Only part of them are here next to me. There are 6 families total (including me and Baby M).

They call the Nannies, Aunties "Aiyee" here... so, here is Auntie Mimi with one of the other Mom's and her daughter and Sugar Plum with one of her Aiyees. She did so well with everything. Her nanny in the red was very emotional and made me cry... she was very sweet. You could tell that their Aiyee's loved them very much. They said she wasn't walking, yet, but trying to crawl a little. And that she LOVES Congee!! They were right!! :)
Here is Sugar Plum's first attempt at walking... :)

And then with me. :)

Overall it was a HUGE day and very emotional for me. Thank God Auntie/Aiyee Mimi was there to encourage me. I got a couple awesome pics of Aiyee Mimi with Sugar Plum. I will post them, too. Overall, we got to spend probably 2 hours with the nannies. It was hotter than heck in that room, so we moved to a different room to take a pic with the nannies and the Director. In between that, I got my "Official" paper saying that Sugar Plum is mine!! I cried. Really. And on top of it, I had sent Mimi to get the extra bag for the orphanage...and she couldn't find the bus...and couldn't be in the room with me when I took that last oath. But she has been there for ALL the rest!!!! I'm so blessed. :) She seems healthy, bright, observant and happy (so far!) ;-) She is definitely warming up to us. She keeps looking at me and Sis and trying to figure out why we looks so much a like (it freaks baby's out, lol).

Ok, I'll post more in a minute!!


Today and yesterday

Monday and Tuesday were whirlwind days, for sure. Yesterday, Sis, Sugar Plum and I went shopping, but didn't take the camera. Oopsie. Another oopsie was when we went to lunch and when I took M to the girl's room, I fell going up a 'trick' stair... I was looking up to see where the ladies' room was, and that step came out of nowhere! OMG. I about freaked. We both fell, but M was just startled... i broke her fall. And, boy did I break it. My elbow hurts like heck and both of my knees. But she is just as perfect as she was. I was told this happens and not to feel too bad... boy, did I feel like a loser mommy yesterday!!!

Today, we were supposed to go to a temple and a pagoda, but they wanted to go at 9am! Uh... no way. We stayed and Sis got to call Chase and her friend. Thank God we got her back up and running on SBCglobal. She can call the states WAY cheaper!!! We went downstairs at about 9:45 and had breakfast. There are 4 or 5 ladies here at the hotel who have just been So sweet to me and little M (and Aiyee Mimi, of course!!) They helped us find some new things to try for breakfast (egg bread, papaya bread and some pork bread - Sis had the pork bread). They were pretty good. We also had a new kind of fruit, zebra fruit? White with seeds... sort of reminded us both of Kiwi.

Sugar Plum loves congee. She ate and ate this morning (congee, bread, apples baby food, banana, etc). She was TOO cute with that little bird-lip thing going on when she wanted a bite. I didn't take a pic, 'cause again, I didn't have the camera downstairs this morning. I'll try to do better. I did take one of her this afternoon after I laid her down for her nap.

We played Pat-a-cake today, she seemed to know the word "bite" when Auntie Mimi asked her if she wanted one...then she'd do that little bird thing with her mouth open waiting for Mimi to put the food in. HAHAHA, too funny. :D I also walked M around the room holding her fingers... she did even better today than she did the other day. She doesn't crawl much, but she does like to sit up and roll over (no, I'm not talking about Maggi!! lol) We even got some giggles and smiles out of her today. That was especially nice.

Wow, I"m almost awake and coherent today. LOL. I've got so much to write... but I hate to write it all here in one shot. I guess I should just write what I want, while I can! ;-)

Right now, Auntie Mimi (Ayiee) and little M are napping. I might have to watch the videos we made and try to answer some emails. I really, really appreciate all your notes and emails. I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to respond, yet, but I will.


A little shopping

So, Sis and I like to shop. Boy, the Chinese folks not only just stare at us walking down the street, but they surely didn't know what to think of us in a store!! hahaha. It was another good, but tiring, day. Sugar Plum is just sweet. She cries when she is hungry, mostly. On occasion she cries 'cause she's tired or needs to be changed... but she's been just a sweetie, so far. Kept staring at me tonight, for the first time. It was totally cute. :)

We're supposed to go to a temple tomorrow and/or to a museum... but they want to go early again, and it has been kind of hard for us to get going in the, we might just stay here tomorrow. We'll see.


Monday, June 18, 2007

First night and morning

Sugar Plum's first little nap with us.
She fell asleep last night after playing on the bed for a bit.
Morning shots of little M in her crib.
She's definitely a thumb-sucker. lol

I have a Daughter!!!

Our first picture together!!!!Aunt Mimi's First Picture With Sugar Plum!!

Group Photo time!!

Little M was so observant yesterday. She looked around at everything. When someone said Mama she would look at me. Aunt Mimi played Peekaboo with her and it was adorable. :) Sugar Plum fell asleep right after we got back to the hotel. I'll post more pics from the hotel.

WE (I and Auntie Mimi) ARE OVER THE MOON!!!!!


Mama Mia!!!

Here's M's Passport Photo - her newest China pic (up until I go there! ha)

That's Right, I'm officially a Mommy today! :) She is just lovely. Auntie Mimi is just thrilled and we have been having a wonderful time. Sis took lots of pics and I'll post a few here. It won't let me post more than 8MG at a time (straight on blogspot, and I don't want to try to use another server right now), so I'll post more than once. I want you all to see her. She is just lovely!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007


Baby's first bed...
Beautiful view from our window!
Aunt Mimi with the caterpillar neck pillow at the baby's bed, showing them both off!
Pic of me in front of the beautiful fowntain downstairs in our lobby. This is a 5-star hotel. It is absolutely gorgeous. Even the rooms feel more 'homey', cozey than any I've ever stayed at.

Here we are on the Marble stairs going downstairs to visit the bookstore... oh my, what were we thinking?!! haha.

We're having a blast, so far. Tomorrow, we get little M at about 4pm here... or 4am there! :) I'm still a nervous wreck, but Sis assures me I'll be fine!! :)

PS. We are having a little more trouble with our internet connection here in Nanning. I'll keep posting as much as I can, though!