Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is love!!! (she was completely zonked out)

Today we went and had the medical exam done. I asked them to document the mongolian spot on Little M's back/bum, so that we won't have issues later on. Our guide, Vigor, goes to request her Visa tomorrow.

I wonder how Manna and Maggi will do with the baby and vice versa. I am glad I'll have a little time off, so I can figure out how to handle a puppy and a baby at the same time. Our days are so full here, I also wonder what we will do once we get home. If I have to stay at home all the time, I'll go stir-crazy. Not that I have to stay home, exactly... but, maybe you understand what I mean. I guess this means I'll need to find us some things to do. lol. You know me... go, go, go. Poor child. LOL

Red Carpet (I mean, Couch) photos are next...



  1. It was hard staying home with Glenys when we came home too. I took her every morning to the coffee shop with breakfast or snack. I had coffee and read the paper or tried to while she ate breakfast. We went to the bookstore or to visit the grandmother. You will find things to keep yourself and Mia busy.


  2. Love the "red carpet" comment, too funny! I'm sure it will be a little hard in the beginning, but eventually you guys will work out a routine. Dr. Aronson said to NOT listen to the adoption books and GET out and DO and SEE people. She spoke at an adoption conference and it was amazing...