Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More pics of the 2nd Big day

On our way to the Notary Office, before going to take the final oath here in Nanning. The adoption is final today, as far as Nanning is concerned, which was Tuesday, June 19.All the families waiting in the lobby of the Notary building. Only part of them are here next to me. There are 6 families total (including me and Baby M).

They call the Nannies, Aunties "Aiyee" here... so, here is Auntie Mimi with one of the other Mom's and her daughter and Sugar Plum with one of her Aiyees. She did so well with everything. Her nanny in the red was very emotional and made me cry... she was very sweet. You could tell that their Aiyee's loved them very much. They said she wasn't walking, yet, but trying to crawl a little. And that she LOVES Congee!! They were right!! :)
Here is Sugar Plum's first attempt at walking... :)

And then with me. :)

Overall it was a HUGE day and very emotional for me. Thank God Auntie/Aiyee Mimi was there to encourage me. I got a couple awesome pics of Aiyee Mimi with Sugar Plum. I will post them, too. Overall, we got to spend probably 2 hours with the nannies. It was hotter than heck in that room, so we moved to a different room to take a pic with the nannies and the Director. In between that, I got my "Official" paper saying that Sugar Plum is mine!! I cried. Really. And on top of it, I had sent Mimi to get the extra bag for the orphanage...and she couldn't find the bus...and couldn't be in the room with me when I took that last oath. But she has been there for ALL the rest!!!! I'm so blessed. :) She seems healthy, bright, observant and happy (so far!) ;-) She is definitely warming up to us. She keeps looking at me and Sis and trying to figure out why we looks so much a like (it freaks baby's out, lol).

Ok, I'll post more in a minute!!


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