Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2 more days!!!

Ok, it's not even 2 more days and we'll be on a plane TO CHINA!!!! OMG. I've got a list a mile long of things I still want/need to do before going. (random thought, have I mentioned how much I'm going to miss Maggi and Manna while I'm gone???)

I know I haven't written in a few days. I received mine, Sis' and the baby's tickets yesterday. Well, mine and Sis' are e-tickets, but they're here. Sis and I got a few more items this weekend for our trip. We're mostly packed, but not 100%. I imagine we won't be until tomorrow night. lol.

This past weekend, Sis had my nephew. That was cool. He is so excited about the baby. He even had some great items he thought I should get for her, like Baby Orajel, bibs, and bath wash. He was cute in the store; he loves babies. He decided we all needed to go to the swimming pool on Sunday. So, Sis and I actually donned bathing suits and went to the public pool with him. It was actually fun. We were there with some other friends and the kids all decided that I'm just a big kid and that I had to go down the slides and throw them around the pool and such. lol. You could hear "AUNTIE M" being yelled everywhere! It was a hoot. One of the kids had purple nail polish with them, and so I decided to live on the wild-side (I'm such the wild one) and paint my nails purple. HAHA. I'm still wearing it today. :) They all thought I was nuts.

I still need to find Daycare and a Pediatrician. Is this a bad sign? I looked up daycare places like 2 years ago... but I guess I need to get that figured out. I asked my Dr. for a Ped referral and she said, as well as the receptionist, that they take care of babies, too... no need for a Pediatrician. Uh, ok. I mean, I love my Dr. (ok, maybe not love) but sometimes there might be a need for a Pediatrician, right?

Oh, the big news is that the current itinerary has me meeting my daughter on Monday, 6/25. That's China time. I'm wondering how much access I'll have while away, but I do intend to take my laptop and blog/email friends and family, as much as I can.

My friend let me borrow his kick-ass video camera (I'll be forever indebted!!), so I *should* have *plenty* of video/pics when I get back... if not before!!

More later...



  1. Oh yea! Congrats again. Listen take more pictures than you think you should. There are so many pics I regret not taking esp looking at other travels. Enjoy yourself and the baby. You will be fine. Have fun.

    Beverly & Glenys, my Wuzhou wonder.

  2. I love you!! I've got mom and Aunt Bonnie.. (that sounds funny to me).. gauranteed to be at the airport with me, and if the dont come, well, I'll be there solo! I'm so excited to finally have ANOTHER baby in the family!!

  3. You leave tomorrow!! yay, yay yay for you!!! I hope you have a safe and uneventful flight, and I'm glad your sis gets to come with you. Have a great time, and I can't wait to see the photos. :-)

    best of luck!

  4. Have a great trip and I can't wait to see you in China with that beautiful baby in your arms. Injoy every minute.

  5. Your getting really close.. I am so excited for you.. Can't wait to follow your journey..
    Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  6. Okay... being away I have missed SOOOOO MUCH!! Gonna go read all these posts and get caught up. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE IN CHINA AS I TYPE THIS!! Remember how excited I was with your referral? Girl, I can't breathe for thinking of Mia at last in her mommy's arms!!!!