Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are we there YET?

17 Month LID today. I can't seem to wait until Monday. I keep checking the boards and nada. :(

Come on referrals!!!


Friday, March 30, 2007

Rumors of referrals

So, the latest rumor is that the stork is in the air... Looks like we might hear by Monday or Tuesday, and I'm thinking the calls will be Tuesday/Wed. But, who knows?

The current rumor points to my referral being in this batch.

I'm still sitting on pins and needles. Am I really in? This is going to be a long weekend!!

**Oh, btw, I hit the 17 month wait this weekend!! wow. I can't really believe it's been that long.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

My little Cone Head

My little cone-head Maggi after her surgery. She's doing well, but has to wear this awful thing for 2 weeks! Yikes.

No new rumors about referrals yet, but I'm still hoping for the week of April 2. Let's see... I'm sure there will be more rumors, at minimum, this coming week!

I put out some butterfly solar-powered lights today. They are cute. One set doesn't work, though, so, I might have to return them and get another set. I got to chat with my neighbors for quite awhile today. They said I'm always away or not out. I said that will likely change now that I have the puppy and the baby on the way. lol

Maggi did pretty well today, but she did have an accident overnight. My fault, for sure. I slept too long. But it's been that or no sleep at all, it seems like, these days.

I started looking at baby beds online today. I'm thinking of getting a portable bed to put in my room, in addition to getting one for her room. So many choices!

I also had a water leak under my bathroom sink downstairs. Blech. Water got into the carpet and all. Not too happy about this, but I'm trying to get it dried out as quickly as possible. A neighbor of mine said he might come fix it for me this week, or my friend Joe will come look at it. :) I have wonderful friends!

Ok, so... still counting down. 7-10 days?? Perhaps??


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Is it too early to start the official countdown to the next referral batch?! LOL. The *worst case scenario* I've heard is October 30.... but that seems a snad odd, since I had read where a hand-ful of folks got their referrals last month, and they had an Oct 31 LID.

I am anxious. Go figure.

mar 21, 22, 23....31... april 2, just around the corner...

I'm going to go baby-bed shopping this weekend. And I picked some fabrics out last night to start thinking of her baby quilt.

Oh, and someone at work suggested I make one for Maggi, too. Who, btw, is at the vet today for her spay and last shots. I'm praying it all goes well.


Monday, March 19, 2007

2 weeks?

SO. If history repeats... we *might* get the next referral batch in 2 weeks or so! OMG. And I *might* be in this batch!! I mean, I might really get to see Mia's face in 2 weeks!!!! I'm very excited, but scared to death.

Nerves, nerves, nerves.

Ok, seriously.... that light is getting quite bright now! It is, literally, one of the only bright spots in my life right now. (ok, there are others... Maggi, Sis, Nephew.... life is good, but hard sometimes.)

Her room still isn't ready. I haven't even started her baby blanket yet! OMG. I've GOT to get on the ball!!


Friday, March 16, 2007

Mr Green Jeans

Today we were allowed to wear jeans and green... for St. Patty's Day this weekend. Part of me wanted to revolt...and not do it. (Jake, my BIL, has an affinity to this holiday and I'm quite angry with him at the moment.) But, I did wear jeans and green. I slipped and told one of my co-workers yesterday to wear green jeans and then Mr. Green Jeans came up... and where did that come from? Well, Mr. Green Jeans was a character on Captain Kangaroo. Kind of fun.

Anyway, we are now half way through March and this has just been a horrible month. Not adoption-wise, but just in general. My sis is just going through an awful time. I hate to say this, but her in-laws are some of the meanest people I've ever dealt with. The sad part is that sis and Jake have been married for almost 10 years and he has NO loyalty to her whatsoever. It makes me sick. literally.

I've asked before, but I'll ask again... please pray for my family. Please pray for my Mia, and for my(our - holding out hope that sis will go!!!) trip to China. And, whew, it is technically more than half way through March now... let's see when the next referrals come out. I'm going to be sitting on needles until then!!!

Oh, and I think I'm going to look into being a CASA/GAL again. I called on a equity loan yesterday, and it would be great it that happens, too.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My fear

With the latest things going on in my family, I'm very concerned that I might have to travel to China alone. We've planned for my sister to go with me, and I am praying that happens. We're prepared for it financially, so far, but other things are happening. :( Please pray for this, if you'd like.

I really don't want to go alone. And I think my sister would be devastated if she couldn't go. We have really been working on going together (saving, planning, packing). I was there for the birth of both her children. And I know she's excited about this. I believe God will work this out, but this thought just hit me last night and I wanted to write it down.


Now get this...

There is at least one person out there (not sure how many) who have a LID of 10/31/05 that got their referral yesterday! OH MY. I'm not sure what that means. I have sort of been feeling like I won't get mine until May at this point (beginning of May, maybe?), but if they already got through a handful of 10/31, then maybe that does mean I'll get mine in April.

It is someone who posted on the RQ board, and she posted it on APC, too. Looks legit. And if it is, I'm happy for them... and now sitting by the phone wondering what is going on. Except my agency said they didn't get any regular referrals yesterday.

Oh, the official word is that it is through October 24, 2005, like I heard yesterday. But I haven't seen the word on the CCAA site yet.

Wait, I shall.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Referral Rumors

Ok, the latest rumor is:

October 24 is in.

NOTE: since they only got through Oct 14 last time, that is 6 business days, if it is true. Oct 25-31 is 5 business days. it **looks** like I **might** get a referral in April.... *IF* this is true.

I'm waiting for confirmation.....

Peace (and prayers).

PS. The STORK has landed!!!!! Going to be an exciting day!!! I'll likely post again shortly. I'm getting so close!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

9 lb 3 oz

Maggi's vet appt was yesterday. She's got one more shots appt and at that appt they will do her spaying, too. She did great. They go on and on about her there. :) I can't imagine why! haha. Anyway, she weighed in at 9 lb 3 oz , which is how much my nephew, Chase, weighed when he was born! WOW. That was funny. (to me, anyway)

She is now, officially, bigger than Max.

I've been trying to find referral rumors this week. I've heard there is a package on its way from China, but it might just be TA's and not referrals. That's what I'm thinking, anyway.

Some rumors say that they won't get to October 27, and that does not surprise me. But one rumor said Oct 21. That would be a bit tough. So, let's see where they get. I still think I'll get mine in April, sometime.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

16 months and counting


Looks like an 18 month wait is on the horizon for me. It isn't too far away, though, thank goodness.

Life is good.

I need to lift up a couple prayers tonight. One for my friend Ellen who lost a dear kitty (Molly) today. Please give her peace. The other for my family. Well, God knows why.