Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Is it too early to start the official countdown to the next referral batch?! LOL. The *worst case scenario* I've heard is October 30.... but that seems a snad odd, since I had read where a hand-ful of folks got their referrals last month, and they had an Oct 31 LID.

I am anxious. Go figure.

mar 21, 22, 23....31... april 2, just around the corner...

I'm going to go baby-bed shopping this weekend. And I picked some fabrics out last night to start thinking of her baby quilt.

Oh, and someone at work suggested I make one for Maggi, too. Who, btw, is at the vet today for her spay and last shots. I'm praying it all goes well.



  1. It is definitely not too early to start counting down. I'm counting down too...4 months and 2 weeks for me!! HA HA HA Meanwhile, I'm totally going to live vicariously through you. Come on referrals!!!

  2. Still busy with my goosebumps over here... waiting on the edge of my seat, finding it really hard to believe I'll ever be in the same boat, but LOVING to live vicariously through you!!

  3. I've been counting down to this next batch since the day the last referral batch arrived. We're on pins and needles here, we think we will be in, but we all know how things some times work with the CCAA. Here's hoping that they make it to Nov. 1.
    (LID Oct. 28)

  4. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you and all of our October group gets "in" this time!!!!!!

    Best of Luck to You !! :)