Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My fear

With the latest things going on in my family, I'm very concerned that I might have to travel to China alone. We've planned for my sister to go with me, and I am praying that happens. We're prepared for it financially, so far, but other things are happening. :( Please pray for this, if you'd like.

I really don't want to go alone. And I think my sister would be devastated if she couldn't go. We have really been working on going together (saving, planning, packing). I was there for the birth of both her children. And I know she's excited about this. I believe God will work this out, but this thought just hit me last night and I wanted to write it down.



  1. I will send one up for you that sissy will be able to travel with you.
    Happy 16 month LID.
    My sister is hoping to travel with us also. What a special moment to share with her.

  2. I will be at a monastery for a week beginning Monday, and will happily get on my knees for this. I am confident that God will work it out, and that you will not go alone. Hang in there.

  3. I hope that things work out for you and your family. You will be in my thoughts.

  4. I hope it works out that she is able to go with you. A sister bond in a very special thing!

  5. It's tough to change the plan in midstream. I'll pray for you and your family. I know it would be a disapointment if your sister couldn't go.
    Going alone, in my opinion, would be very hard. So maybe you should keep in mind another person too?