Saturday, December 30, 2006

Referrals, rumors, singles

No referrals yet this month. That is a bit disheartening. I'm sure it is even harder for folks who are expecting referrals now... mine is still a couple of months away. But I always get anxious this time of month because I'm also waiting to see what is going on over all.

The rumor is that referrals might not come until Jan 8!! Yikes.

And, then there are the Singles rules change coming in 2007. Supposedly, China is only going to allow married couples to adopt. OMG. That is just sad. They say I'm ok, 'cause I'm LID already... but, what if I want to go back and adopt a little sister or brother? I guess when/if that time comes, I'll have to go somewhere else. That makes me a bit sad. And makes me definitely sad for those other singles who want to adopt from China and can't now. I'm not sure if this means all single adoptions, or just non-special-needs.

I've been at my sister's house all week, on vacation. Her phone hasn't worked much all week, so I haven't had much internet access all week. Very odd feeling. Especially, when all I want to do is check to see if the referrals have come yet!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day

I was going to post yesterday, but we couldn't keep a connection up for some reason. So, Happy, Merry Christmas a day late. Today is Boxing Day and we are planning to put some things together to take to a shelter.

Baby Mia-Mei isn't here, obviously... but I've certainly been thinking about her. Her name is really going to be Mia ElainaMae, but I've been thinking of her as Mia-Mei this week. :) I'm sure one of the names will stick by the time she gets here!!!! hahahaha.

Aunti Mimi got her a Dora doll set that has China, Russia and France dolls. I can't wait for her to play with those. :) I'm going to get her the matching stuff this week. I really missed having her here this year.

They are saying there are new CCAA rules and it has me a bit worried. But they also say it doesn't affect us that are already logged in. I pray that is right, because I just don't think I could handle it if something goes wrong at this point. I'm trying to be patient... but this news does worry me.

We did have a wonderful Christmas. Dad and I went to church Sunday night. It was nice. I think my nephew had a great day yesterday. He is six, and, thankfully, still does believe in Santa. We might only have another year for that!! But for now, it was cool. :)

I'm off this week. So glad to have a real vacation, even though I'm not going anywhere. I do need to get my paperwork updated for the adoption. I'll try to start that this week. I also want to start working on her room. Gotta get that cleaned out and better organized.

Today, though, is movie day. God bless you Jakob. We miss you and love you.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

baby girl

I've been sitting here today wondering how baby girl is doing. There was a lot of time that I knew she might not even been born yet, but being at 13.5 months LID, she's certainly been born now! :)

So, I wonder... what does she look like? How is she doing? Is she being loved? Is her hair brown or black? Does she smile a lot? Does she have a reason to smile? Will she like yellow or pink or purple? Will she want to be a princess or a tom-boy? I wonder what month she was born... will she be a May baby like her mommy?

I just hope she is being taken care of and that she is healthy. Merry Christmas baby girl. I can't wait until we get to celebrate next year together! Won't that be fun!

Now, I've got to get my paperwork updated and her room finished.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What to say

Everyone has been very nice about the loss of the puppy. The breeder said I could have the first pick out of the next litter. Let's see what happens. It would be nice if it works out. I did look at the rescue website and that doesn't seem like a viable option right now. I also looked at other breeders, and didn't find another pup so far. So, I hope that this breeder comes through in the next couple of months.

I'm on vacation right now. Oh joy. My new boss is just difficult and it makes this not quite as relaxing as I'd like. And, I have a cold... thanks sis. :( Ugh. 2nd time in a month's time that I'm sick. I do not like that. So, I'm sitting here watching jewelry tv... again. LOL. Very, very bad. I will say, though, that I bought a watch a couple weeks back and one of the pins is loose and I have to send it back.

It is pretty early this month to see where we might be on the adoption wait. But, two things... sis bought the baby a Chinese doll that is just cute! It was actually a box set from Kohls of 3 little dolls, one Russian, Chinese and I forget the third right now. Very fun. I also get my bonus from work this week, and that will help toward the adoption, thank you God.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Today sucks

Ok, some days life sucks.

Phoebe can't come to live with me. She has a level 5 heart murmur and cannot fly here. She did not pass her health check at the Vet today. The breeder said that she will not likely make it 4-5 months. OMG. How sad it that? I'm so sad.


No puppy for me (yet).


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Phoebe Dec 2

Ok, how cute is she?! The breeder says she is 1lb 10oz right now. She *might* be 5-6 lbs when she is full grown! She gets here on THURSDAY!!!! OMG. I'm so excited! I've got to go get some unflavored Pedialite so she doesn't get dehydrated or hypoglycemic. She's so tiny, I wish I could just take her to work with me each day!!!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

13 months

Oh, I guess I need to mention... I've been LID for 13 months now. It is December, right? Well, my agency told me that I might not get a referral until March or April... that would be 17-18 month wait. But, it is getting closer, and for now, that is all that matters.



So, Black Friday I bought a laptop. I shouldn't have, I know. I don't really need it. But it is nice to have. My problem is that today, all of the sudden, it won't power on. :( I've submitted a question to the Acer company, which is the brand of my laptop. Ugh. Yes, it is plugged in. Yes, the plugs are all attached. I'm not an idiot (I do have a Computer Science degree for heaven's sake). I'm hoping it is just something I've overlooked with the battery or when the power went off yesterday, although, my Work laptop is just fine (has been plugged into the same outlets all week)... as I sit here typing away.

I guess it'll be time to decide if I'm going to take it back or go ahead with the rebates depending on whether this is just a minor setback or not.

**Update: I talked to someone where I bought the laptop, and they said it looks like a Power Adaptor problem. Oh joy. So, now I've got to see if I can take it back to get them to give me a new one, or send it in. I hope I can just go to the store and get one...