Saturday, December 2, 2006


So, Black Friday I bought a laptop. I shouldn't have, I know. I don't really need it. But it is nice to have. My problem is that today, all of the sudden, it won't power on. :( I've submitted a question to the Acer company, which is the brand of my laptop. Ugh. Yes, it is plugged in. Yes, the plugs are all attached. I'm not an idiot (I do have a Computer Science degree for heaven's sake). I'm hoping it is just something I've overlooked with the battery or when the power went off yesterday, although, my Work laptop is just fine (has been plugged into the same outlets all week)... as I sit here typing away.

I guess it'll be time to decide if I'm going to take it back or go ahead with the rebates depending on whether this is just a minor setback or not.

**Update: I talked to someone where I bought the laptop, and they said it looks like a Power Adaptor problem. Oh joy. So, now I've got to see if I can take it back to get them to give me a new one, or send it in. I hope I can just go to the store and get one...


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