Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's been suggested

that i stay with my old blog... might just update the title... or not. maybe just the look.

I'm SO Undecided!!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

what's in a name

I'm trying to come up with a good title for the new blog. Right now, I'm sort of liking "A Mama's love Born in China"... what do you think? It's kind of long, but I can't think of much shorter...

A Mama's Love from China
A Mama's Love

Mommy... don't leave me!
Meow and Monkey make Three
Dragons, Dogs and... Meow?
Dragons, Dogs and Meow, oh my!

China? Really? Why not the USA?
Is she Adopted? (and you mean, "was")
Is her father Chinese?
Is your Husband Chinese?
Does she speak Chinese?
Yes, She's Mine

Oh... sorry, I digressed there for a sec!!! ;-)

I actually like "Meow and Monkey make Three"...

Life isn't all about adoption around here, but I do recognize it daily in some way or another. And I know I have my single mom blog, but that's more geared toward single parenting, hence the name.

I have had my other blog (To China...) for several years now, and moved all the posts over here so I could figure out if I wanted new digs. It's not that I don't like the other one anymore, it's that I've had more than one ex-BF hang out and follow me... as well as my sister's ex. I feel like I can't always just write from my heart. And if I do, then I get picked apart. Oddly, it says I have about 20 followers over there, but go*gle says I have more like 70-something.

I'm not sure what my message is anymore. It definitely starts with adoption in China. That was not only the best decision I ever made, but it was also the most life-changing. I still read everything I can find on adoption all the time. I want people to know that there are those of us who have been there, done that... and we're doing OK. Great, even. And I want to chronicle our journey, because I like to write and journal.

Ok, so I started this post last night and then T and I had a pretty good talk about life, love and mom's. She had a rough childhood, and I continue to hope and pray that her time with me encourages her in some way and that she continues her good fight to break the cycle. She even said those words last night. She will be the chain that breaks that link to the bad cycle. I pray she succeeds. Those chains can be hard to break sometimes.



I haven't made any major blog style changes (ok, i changed the color a little) but I have moved locations. I wonder if/when people will find me. I think I will keep up the other one for now, and will see if anyone really comes to visit me here (one already has!)... it'd be nice if they do, but I am hoping to stay a bit more anonymous. Let's see. I might not like it over here...

It definitely is quieter over here. I don't want to lose my adoptive parent friends... hmmm

this new green background is hesitating when i open it for some reason... bah.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A quieter place

I think maybe I need a quieter place to write for awhile, and this seems to be as good a place as any. My life with my daughter is amazing. We didn't really do anything super special for Chinese New Year, but we did go to dinner. I also got the kids Chinese red envelopes this year and orange suckers. It was also V-day (which I hate), so I got everyone cards.

It's been sort of a long winter here, due to ALL the snow, but we're managing pretty well. Lil M and T and I had some fun playing around with the camera last night. I got a couple of really cute ones with the two of them. Lil M really likes having T around and T seems to enjoy Lil M. Lil M likes to mimic T, which is mostly adorable (could be scary, but so far so good).

Anyway, let's see, Lil M will be 3.5 on the 27th. I can't believe she's been with me for almost 3 years (in june, but still). It's just crazy how fast time has flown. I mean, super fast!! She's gone almost 4 weeks being dry overnights. She has a great vocabulary for a 3YO, as well as counting to 20 and her ABC's... she "gets" things (comprehends) and is just really the sweetest spirit I know. I'm so utterly blessed to be called her Mommy, I can't even being to verbalize it.

Last month when our friend MK2 turned 4, Lil M swam by herself (with her backpack float and the big dumbell float), and was so proud of herself she talked about it for at least two weeks. She wants to go swimming again. I'm so proud of her. I think I really want to get her into swim lessons again, soon. I also want to get her into tumbling/gymnastics. I haven't figured out when they can learn piano, but I want her to take lessons. So... gotta get some money saved so I can let her do all this, huh?!

I've been considering a 2nd adoption for awhile now. I am trying to get finances under control and will hopefully be able to make a real decision by the summer. The way things change in that area, what I read even 3 months ago might be old information today. I will have T until the fall sometime, maybe longer depending on if she wants to stay or not.

I haven't really been very social this past two months, and I feel bad about because I miss my friends and family. The weather has been a huge issue this winter. We've gotten record level snowfall and been stuck at home a lot. I pray the worst of this winter is over, though, 'cause I'm ready to get out again.

There were lots of things I wanted to write about Lil M and her progress even, say, over the past 6 months... Suffice to say, she's still amazing and still the love of my life.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

cutie pies

I took some silly pics tonight of the girls... T was wearing Lil M's shoes and they were both posing for pics... and just generally being goofy.
Could they be any cuter?!!!

Meow and Monkey were, of course, involved in the craziness. :D We don't have cabin fever, do we?!!