Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lunar New Year

Tomorrow is not only Valentine's Day, but it is also the Lunar New Year - or Chinese New Year!!

So, Happy Chinese New Year. I hope that this one is a prosperous one for you and that you and your family are blessed.

I got the traditional red envelopes this year for the kids. You put a new dollar bill in them (to bring prosperity to the recipient). You can also give fruit, orange or red in color. I gave candy instead (big round orange lolipops), in honor of both holidays. Lil M liked her money. :)

She and T both got a couple of Valentine's cards in the mail, thanks for those (you know who you are). They liked that! :)

Today, I took a bunch of things to Goodw*ll. Part of the CNY tradition says to clean and get rid of the old stuff in the days before CNY. Then you wear something new on New Years day, but I didn't buy us anything new to wear... I'll, hopefully, remember to do that next year. :) We were going to get Chinese food for dinner to celebrate tonight, but the wait was way too long, so we'll do that tomorrow or Monday.


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