Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More of the same

SNOW. We got another 7-8" of snow yesterday... oh boy. I was glad I had the day off because of Pres. Day, but today they not only closed the school here, T isn't feeling well and they also closed the daycare. Yep, they didn't just open late, they closed today. That's the first time in the 3 winter's we've been there that they've closed for the entire day.

So, thankfully, I'm working from home. But, it wouldn't have surprised me if my boss would have wanted me to take PTO this time, since I worked from home last week. So far, so good. Very thankful for that.

It's getting old not being able to just jump in the car and go... I had to clean off the driveway yesterday and then it snowed again. But I figured it would be easier to get the 2-3" off of it today than the 8+". They haven't cleaned off our street, as usual, either. Which means, I can't hardly get up it.

I think I need to get some new tires on my car. So, I might look into that in the next couple of weeks, too. Lil M is doing great. Only one overnight accident in 3 weeks. Woot!

T got her grades for this term and she brought a couple of them up, which was fantastic, as well. We've been doing the reward type things when she does well, so this time she got a steak for dinner, starb*cks and a haircut. She seems to like that. She also took her ACT prep test this past weekend, and I can't wait to get the results so she can do some more targeted study for that.


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