Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Little Sunshine

I've been in a somewhat crabby mood today. Crabby. Blech. Work's got me a bit down. Oh well. This too shall pass.

Here are a couple new pics of Miss M. She definitely is my Sunshine. She fell asleep on me tonight, while I sang You are My Sunshine. Corny and mushy... but I'm OK with that. Really. She's wonderful. Two things below, she's wearing a new outfit that is a snad big, so I finally put a onesie under it. Then she went after her new book from Auntie 'Nore (Should be Nora...hehe) at work. Very cool.


Cloth Diapering

Random morning thought, I've been trying out cloth diapering a bit this past week. I've gotten those ones that are pre-formed, and have snaps. (I wouldn't even consider the old-fashioned ones). Not sure how I (we) like it yet. But it is nice to have the options for the evenings/weekends...and I feel like even though we're saving one diaper or two a day (or more on the weekend), that I'm not putting all those extra diapers in the ground. Yes, I have to wash them... and I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but for part-time diapering it isn't so bad.

The funny thing is that they look so huge on Sugar Plum. I'll have to try to get a pic, of course.

Speaking of Little M, she is doing alright with her 2nd week of daycare... except for not giving me as much eye contact as I'd like. I'm hoping she'll settle in soon. We didn't do a whole lot last night and she seemed to grumble a bit more than usual. But overall, she is doing just great.


Monday, July 30, 2007

The greatest friends ever

Ok, not that you all didn't already know this, but I have the greatest friends in the world. And I am very blessed (so is Mia). A friend at work got her a fabulous toy that is a Giraffe and a Baby Swing!!! It holds up to 30 lbs, so she'll get lots of use out of it. I'm so excited! I will take a picture of it when it is in action, I promise. :) I have the perfect spot for it. I was just thinking the used one I got is almost too small for her. SO..... WOOHOO!

I have the greatest friends.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Me and my TM

Random picture of my Grandmother and the Baby.

Thank God it is like riding a bike (or, running a treadmill).... I got on the TM today for 2 1/2 miles. Not bad, considering!!!!

Hopefully, my love affair will begin again with the TM (read: running). I need to get a running stroller. I plan to do that soon.

I've decided that I've got to do a marathon (or two, ha) this year, yet. So... back to it, I am!!!

Oh, and score one for the Mama... the baby slept the entire time!!!! WOOHOO! What was that about napping when she does... nope, this Mama runs. HA. (ok, this time!)


Staring contest

I'd love it if I could get M&M to do a staring contest that someone suggested as a babysitting tool! :) I'm trying to train Maggi to 'watch' the baby. hehe. Not sure if that is going to work! (especially, since she follows me out of the room every time I walk out)

The other M is doing well this weekend. She had a little meltdown this morning. Really wanted Mama to be right there....wouldn't let me put her down for a bit. I think this week is going to be a bit stressful and tiring. I hope it isn't as bad as I'm feeling like it might be right now.

I have had a few bad dreams lately. One: A horrible, awful man abducted Sis, Chase and I, and no one would believe us. He took us to a place where I finally suggested we all run separate ways and then he decided to chase me. So, then it became a chasing dream. But we finally got someone to believe us. So, I'm hoping that bodes well for Sis... 'cause we all know who the "evil" man was.

2nd dream: I left the baby at daycare until 9pm and didn't remember I even had a daughter! YIKES. Then I had to rush to go get her...and that was a bad feeling.

3rd dream (this weekend): Sis hated me. She told her friends I was "mean" and too strict. She also only wanted me around because I helped her.... YUCK. bad dream. I know she doesn't feel that way. But I think I dreamt it because I didn't want one of the kids to have sweet tea at 10am yesterday morning. ha. And I know I'm probably the big meanie in my family... but I can't seem to help it. And I know Sis loves me (even though we're opposites in lots of ways).

Have you had any crazy dreams lately? Or ones that you are obviously working out your stresses?

Sugar Plum loves country music... and we're watching a country concert on TV right now. She's even danced a bit along with it! :) But right now, she's crawling across the room! And stopping to 'swim' :) (laying on belly and flailing arms and legs, too cute)


Saturday, July 28, 2007

For the record and 11 months

Little Miss M was 11 months old yesterday!! She also has her 2nd tooth coming in. So much going on!

Oh and, Sis came down last night! Woot! She's come down about once a week since we've been home, and I'm so thankful. This is the most she's been here, and I love her company. I'm usually the one who drives, and didn't want to go anywhere last night, so she and "the friends" decided to surprise me!! It is also the 2nd time in a month that "the friends" came down!! :) Very cool! Mia has a boyfriend! hehe. Ok, not really. But she does seem to like the tall, dark, handsome one that comes to visit with Sis. HA.

I didn't get pics of that (not sure why), but I did get pics of Sugar Plum in her yellow polka dot dress from yesterday (above!). I decided to go get her from daycare and take her into work and show her off! :) She made lots of new friends! A couple of new Aunties and Uncles for sure! She was SO active yesterday! Wow. Then, Auntie Ellen came over and hung out with us for awhile. She got to see Miss M crawl for the first time and said that Mia is getting "so strong"! I could tell Mia remembered her, and that was so cool to see.

Of course, the finale to the day was Aiyee Mimi!! Who also got to see Miss M crawl! She tempted her with a piece of lint on the floor. That was pretty darn funny. She'd move it a couple of inches and off Sugar Plum would go. hehe. Whatever works! ha.

A couple of random thoughts coming your way.....

First, someone said that we should 'take care of our own' first here in the USA before helping other countries... Fix our own problem(s)... i.e., starving children, over population and the like. That comment stuck in my crawl. I know nothing ill was meant by it, and especially about adoption... but, I'm the kind of person who is naive enough to believe we can make a difference where we try, and I do think we need to help here, there, and everywhere... know what I mean? I know I can't save the world. (although, I'd sure like to) But, if I can help I should try.

No one told me that I'd get "Mommy Brain" when I had a child!! Are you familiar with this syndrome? I haven't written about it much, but here's how it works... you forget everything. And I do mean everything!! Those pants you wanted to wear to work? Hm.... now where did I put them? My glasses? Let's see... I used to put them..... hm.... where are they?! (OK, that was an example, 'cause I've got my glasses right here, but when I was at Sis' last week, I kept forgetting where I put them!!) Seriously, it is like having to learn how to remember again. Quite scary. I hate it, actually. It makes me feel stupid and like I can't do anything right. So. I'm officially requesting my brain back NOW and am hoping that someone will find it for me soon, so I can resume my normal remembering self!!!! ;-)

Oh, and Sugar Plum is wonderful. Not that those of you who have met her didn't already know that... but, I'm just saying. She's wonderful.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

2nd and a First...and another First!

And it ain't pizza!!! :)

Today was M''s 2nd day at Daycare and my first day back to work. She is right now pulling up on my leg and the couch for the first time ever! We usually play the up/down game, but I guess she decided she wanted to still play even though I'm just sitting here. :) And she's finally smiling at me... She didn't take a nap again today. The lady said (Shannon) she thought there was too much going on for M to sleep. I figured. She finally fell asleep about 4:30pm (a half hour before I got there, ugh). She is in an OK mood, but not quite as cheerful as usual. I know it will take us a few days to get on schedule.

As for me, well, Mama is tired, too. I still feel very guilty about having to have her in Daycare. I hope she realizes soon that Mama always comes back and that she is ok there.

Oh my goodness... M has been trying to officially crawl for about a week. Well, today she TOOK OFF! Wow! She's officially crawling. She amazes me every single day.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First big day and Weigh In

Sugar Plum had her first day at Daycare. She seemed to be ok, but was a little fussier afterward 'cause she was awakened during her nap (she heard me come in and talk to the teacher(s)). She seemed happy to see me. She had one bottle and some lunch there. Couple of diaper changes. Not really fussy, but didn't want to nap at 12:30 or whenever... she was preoccupied with the others in the room. So, looks like she did alright. Two more days to go this week. Let's see how it goes. We're both headed to bed early tonight.

After daycare - that we left at 3:30 - we had to go to her Ped for a weigh-in. She was 15lb 9oz two weeks ago and is now 11 lb 9 oz. So, she obviously gained a pound in two weeks. Apparently, this is good and he expects she might be about 18lbs or so by her 1st birthday... We don't go back until the first week of September. Thankfully, I don't feel like I have to stuff her now. I guess I got a little worried I hadn't been feeding her enough, but I think I am and will just go by how she seems to take it.

Now the stress of work begins. Please, God, help me. Please pray this goes alright. Better than alright would be nice, even. I've got to get my head on straight.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daycare eve

So, we start daycare tomorrow... yes, we. lol. I'm not going for the day, of course, but I'm anxious to see how she will do. God, I hope she is ok there. I think I finally picked somewhere that we'll both like (I hope). The one selling point - they seem to play a decent amount of music during the day. I Love that. So does my little baby-kins.

Off to bed I go... 7:00am is going to be awfully dang early for me! But I'm going to try my first day of the new routine. Wish me luck. And her. The girl in the infant room took right too her and was sweet. M liked the walker and the music. It made me a bit more at ease (so far). This is the place Ellen and I chose out of a list of 'voluntary' Star program... and has 2 of 4 stars. There aren't many daycares even on the list, and this was a slight bonus. The only 3 star one I could find was too far out of the way (for now).

Anyway... off we go.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cutie on Duty

Here is the very cool new toy my friend Don got for M!! Chasey-man was a big helper and helped Grandpa put it together yesterday. Here they are showing it off. (oh, and a big thanks to Ellen for suggesting I go ahead and register for this, even though Dad and Janice got the baby a smaller one. It is nice having one upstairs and downstairs)

Here are a couple pics of another cute outfit...ok, and the baby to boot.

A friend of mine says I'm "oozing" joy in my messages... hehehe. :) I probably am! M is just wonderful. I'm feeling quite awful, though, about having to put her in daycare already. I know she'll be fine, but it is killing the Mama. lol.

Did I mention I had a really crappy day yesterday? I couldn't do anything right to save my life. The dog didn't get out in time, so she pooped in her bed. Bath time. I put her out on a lead, and she somehow got off of it. OMG. Then she came to the backdoor whining, Thank God, btw. Then, I gave M a biter biscuit. I HATE those things. YUCK. She had to have a bath after 'attempting to eat one! Then, I went to get Sis, Dad, Chase and I lunch... I spilled pop all over Sis' front seat! OMG.

I needed a Do-Over. Sis and Dad were very understanding and great about the whole thing. Dad even put together another toy for Mia and cut the grass. :D I have a great Dad. Sis went with me to look at Daycares. I think I'm going to go with the small one down the road for a couple of weeks... we're going to go look again next Tuesday and/or Wednesday. I go back to work Thursday.

Little M wasn't having the greatest day yesterday, either. She spit up way more than normal, almost on the verge of throwing up it was so much. Very not normal for her. She is much better today. Her normal smiley and very happy self!! :)


Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have "Mommy Brain" apparently. I left my poor little Manna (cat) at home for a bit longer than I ever do without checking on her. I felt so awful. I even gave her a treat when I saw her today!! She's doing fine, Thank God. It was me who was having the worry attack. I hate that.

Chasey-man and Little M accompanied me to my yearly exam today. Boy, was that fun. Not. But the receptionist and nurse were both very accommodating and kept both of them occupied for the few minutes I was otherwise occupied myself. It went fine.

I ordered a bunch of pics and can't wait until they come in. Dad is coming to visit tomorrow, and he might even mow for me. (Let's hope it is dry enough!!) If not, I might put him to work putting a wonderful gift M received... "Around we Go" play toy thing... *big grin*

I couldn't resist posting a couple more pics...


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Worth the Wait

I found a onesie today at Wallyworld that says "Worth the Wait". It is a 3-6 month size, and fits Little M... for a couple of days, anyway. HA. They didn't have the 9 month size or bigger... but, the sentiment is dead on. She was worth the wait. I couldn't be happier.

And I say I'm not Biased... that's an outright lie. I'm every bit, every single ounce biased. :) She's the joy of my life. (Remind me of this when she hits her terrible 2's or 3's or teenhood!!!)

Oh, and today is ONE MONTH that Sugar Plum and I have been a family. Woohoo!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Official Pics

I had pics taken today of my little Sugar Plum. She did alright. Babies don't seem to ever like having their pic officially taken. My nephew went with us. We had some turn out pretty well. I can't wait until they come in.

She's also saying Mama more and more. She loves to stand and hold on to me, and is sitting up like a little pro.


Monday, July 16, 2007

offending people

I don't mean to offend people or my family, even. I guess I should keep my thoughts to myself about my worries and concerns.

Mia is still just a joy. I'll post pics soon. And mine, all mine.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Family Reunion

We had essentially a family reunion yesterday (some were missing, but it was for my Uncle). It was a ball. I love my family. They are the greatest.

I'll post pics when I can.

I'm a bit aggravated right now. Yesterday, God love her, my grandmother said she was going to treat M as if she was her granddaughter. Um... she IS your granddaughter. Today, my nephew asked me if I knew her "real" Mom. Um... I AM her real mom. It has begun. And here I thought I might actually get through this without getting upset. Guess not. (And for the record, I know neither of them meant anything bad, but it is a hot spot for me.)

I am her REAL mom.
I am her FAMILY.
Just because I didn't BIRTH the child doesn't mean she isn't MINE.

For God's sake.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Here are some pics from today. :)

Pretty Girl Maggi
Mia in her bouncy chair,

Maggi and Mia
These are the first pics of Maggi and Mia together. I need to try to get the cat involved, too, but somehow I don't think she'd like that.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 months 2 weeks

Little M and Chasey-Man playing

Little M's's first US Doctor Visit went well. It went well. He said she is 15 lb 9 oz. (She was 16 lb 2 oz in China, but maybe their scales are a little off or something). She is 27" long and her head circumference was 16.25" or so (I'll need to look that one up). All fine! She's underweight a little bit, but she's fine, he said. The girl can eat like a champ, so it's not a feeding problem, thank God. :) We go back in two weeks. He thinks she'll be up to 18 lbs in a month, or so. Wow. He said the 4 bottles a day is good, that I've been giving her, and that she can actually have 3 meals, too. She's been having one or two meals with the bottles. So, I need to up her intake just a little. That seems like a lot to me, but what do I know.

She had two shots (HIB and something for Pneumonia). She cried and then spit up the formula I had just given her. Oops. But she was fine after a couple of minutes. She was OK last night, too, so I'm glad there were no adverse affects from the shots.

She's having kind of a late nap right now, but we're having a great time together. I know it will be tougher once I go back to work, and I will be missing out on some things, but I'm so thankful for the time we do have. Really, she is just a joy.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To do list

So, while we're bonding (read: I'm off work), I have a few things on my to-do list.
1. Get a Pediatrician appointment - done yesterday, set for Thursday 3pm. :)
2. Make an appt. with my family Dr. for her to meet Sugar Plum - done, yesterday, for Jul 16.
3. Make a Dr. appt for me for my yearly - done, scheduled for Jul 19.
4. Find a Daycare - well, this isn't quite done yet, but I have called about 5 places and plan to make visits this week.
5. Add Sugar Plum to my insurance - done, last week.
6. Update my flex acct(s) to add her - done, last week.
7. Get registered - done, Babies R Us, last Thursday.
8. Get pictures from the trip printed. Well, this isn't done yet, but I do have them on an SD card and am going to try to take them tomorrow to get printed.
9. Give my family and friends their China gifts - TBD, hopefully this week!
10.Rest.... well, I try to do this daily, but have so much other stuff to do! :) I do still need to put in for my adoption reimbursement, modify my tax reduction and get my laptop fixed. See, there's more than 10 to-do's. But I'm making progress.

So, are Mia and Maggi. Manna, of course, has just gone with the flow. She's a great cat! Mia is amazing. Really. I am so happy.

My nephew seems to really love her and he is good with her, too. He got her these little blocks she loves. He also picked out her first teether (green), that she loves. He's a great big-cousin.
We've been hanging out with Sis and Chase since yesterday. I really missed him and am so happy he gets to stay with her for 2 weeks straight!! He and Mia and Maggi are going to be fast friends. Which just tickles me to death.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Little Mommy Brag

So, my little Sugar Plum no only called out "Mama" today (2nd time ever), she also is sitting up by herself. No pillow supporting her little back. Amazing.

She's just doing terrific. I'll see if I can get a pic, but my battery is dying.



We made our first grocery trip. Of course, she was in her carrier, so it went rather well. I am not sure I was stared at, so it went better than it did at WalMart. lol.

Other than that, we had a rather boring weekend. :) I did realize, however, that she is just absolutely wonderful (yes, I knew this weeks ago) and how could someone want to let her go is beyond me.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Over a week now

So, we've been home for more than a week now. Wow. That is amazing. She and I had a rough first few days, trying to adjust to the time zone and everything. I'm sure it didn't help that she's in a brand new place with new noises and two animals to boot. But she is doing amazingly well. She is getting to know Maggi. I think they will be fast friends once she gets more used to her.

So, last Thurs was travel day. Friday was sleep day. Saturday was a sleep day, and crying and not wanting to sleep on her own. Sun, Mon and Tue were pretty much repeats of Saturday, except I tried to get us back on schedule a little bit at a time. Wednesday helped because we had company. It was the first full night she slept in her bed, and I was the one who was anxious. Thurs we went to get registered and she and I both slept better. Yesterday she woke up sounding like she isn't feeling well. So, we stayed in. She slept a little more, and was content to lay/play on the couch beside me. We both slept a little better last night, too. So, there you have it, the quick rundown.

As of Wednesday she started coming back out of her shell. She seemed more like her happy little self. She really is a happy girl. The latter half of this week has gone so much better, and that just makes me happy, too. It is totally crazy how a little person can have such an effect on your heart so quickly.

I'm already thinking about when I have to go back to work and what our schedule may/will be like. It is the first time the realization has hit that she will be with someone else for 8 or more hours a day (during the week, of course). Part of me wishes it didn't have to be that way, but I know it does. Even if I wasn't single, I am not the kind of person who can sit at home for very long.

Anyway, she's amazing. I am excited to see how the next few weeks go. She's already pulling herself up more and rolling over like a pro. You can see how far she's come in just 3 weeks. I wonder how much farther she'll get in the next 2 or 3 weeks while I'm off.


Friday, July 6, 2007

A couple pics

4th of July: M (in her "I'm a Little Miss" dress), with Sue
Sis and Friends:
Ellen, Dave, Dad, Janice:
Ellen and Sugar Plum July 5... I could NOT get a clear pic, so this was the best I could do. She's wearing a cute, cute, cute little green dress.
Last Sunday when Grandma and Grandpa came over. M is sitting on the couch waiting for them! In a little outfit that Sheila and Jim gave her. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our First Official Holiday!!

My little blessing celebrated her FIRST ever holiday with me and her new family! She wore her little red-white-and-blue dress that says "I'm a little Miss". :) I love that dress!!!

It was very cool. Dad, Janice, Sis, Her friend and kids and my friends Ellen, Dave and Sue all came over! We had a HUGE cookout! And I do mean huge (hamburgers, turkey-burgers, chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, dill potato salad, beans, veggies, chips, strawberry shortcake...are you hungry yet?)! They are all so good to me (and us, now... ok, so they were probably good to M! lol) It was just a wonderful day. And I usually don't care too much for the 4th. No offense to our country or troops, but just bad experiences, I guess. I really am a big fan of our Great Old US of A! :)

Oh, and Little M slept most all night in her bed. Wow. She also slept pretty early and late, for her here. I was more anxious than she was! lol. I must have gotten up 3 or 4 times just because I didn't hear anything. Then she did wake up about 3:30 or so and was a little restless until I got her about 5:30. She and I went back to sleep until 8am or so! Progress is a good thing. I know you all probably don't care, but, boy is it nice to get a little rest!

Today was a big day, too. We went with my friend Ellen to get registered at Babies R Us!! Try doing that with a 16.5 weight on your person. It was tiring. We were probably there for 3 hours or more. Wow. I got registered for lots of little things and a few bigger ones. At least I know what they have now, and can go back if I feel like I really need something. There is one pretty close to Sis' house. :)

Back to the sleep thing... I (we) were able to keep Sugar Plum up until 9pm tonight! She had a nice nap about 10:30 this morning, which was cool, since she slept so much last night. But other than that, she was awake. What a little trooper. She just loves her carrier. (My back, on the other hand, didn't so much like the 3 hours walking with the weight... but it is fine now)

Let's *hope* she sleeps alright tonight too (Please God, Please, Please, Please)! I got her to bed without too much fuss. Amazing. Really.

I'll try to post some more pics tomorrow. I think I'm going to take this opportunity to unload the dishwasher and get to bed, myself.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

So, I guess Sis changed her mind (or I guilted her into it, ha) and is coming down. :) Woohoo.

Oh, Little M and I went for our first car ride together today, too. We went to Walmart. LOL.


Pic request

Some random pics, since requested. :) Us still in China. I'll have some from when we are home when I get one of my SD cards back from Sis.

My little Velcro Baby

Sugar Plum is doing better and better. We're still not on schedule, like I'd like, but she's getting more and more comfortable... even if it is for a few minutes at a time. :)

Auntie Ellen came over last night and brought M some new clothes, a teether and a kitty stuffed animal. Very cute. :) She also did a little shopping for me and got us dinner! What a friend! :) It was great. She and a few other folks are coming over today. We're up again early, so I hope we can get a little nap in before they get here.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It is a conspiracy

Little M wakes up every day about 5am. That's after not getting more than 2 hours sleep at a time. She wants to still be held 100% of the time (which was a bit easier when Sis was with me)...and so, I put her in a carrier yesterday and finally got a little bit of a break. Otherwise, she cries and cries.

The conspiracy, you ask? To make me a morning person. Ugh.

Oh, and I *highly* recommend a carrier (sling, or carrier of any kind) if you are going to have or adopt a baby. Good heavens. I don't know how people get ANYTHING done without one.

I've also GOT to get my laptop issue resolved today. I just have to. This is ridiculous.

My dad and step-mom came over Sunday and brought me a pack-and-play to put in my room for Sugar Plum to sleep in temporarily. It is still going to take time. She can't be out of my sight for 2 seconds... they also got me a diaper jeanie and exercise play thing for Little M. Oh, and groceries!! Thank you!! The poor cat and dog don't know what to think yet. I hope that the baby's crying slows down... I understand why she's upset, but, wow, can that girl cry.

I'm off to take the dog out and brush my teeth. Fun, eh?! LOL


Sunday, July 1, 2007

So not a morning person

Little M woke me up at 5am today and wouldn't go back to sleep... until now, 8am. Yikes. I guess I should go lay back down, too. It'll be nice when we can get on a normal (ha) schedule.

The puppy doesn't quite know what to think of the baby, and isn't as gentle as I would like, so that is going to take a little time, too. But I'm glad she's home. She's definitely grown in the past couple of weeks.