Saturday, July 28, 2007

For the record and 11 months

Little Miss M was 11 months old yesterday!! She also has her 2nd tooth coming in. So much going on!

Oh and, Sis came down last night! Woot! She's come down about once a week since we've been home, and I'm so thankful. This is the most she's been here, and I love her company. I'm usually the one who drives, and didn't want to go anywhere last night, so she and "the friends" decided to surprise me!! It is also the 2nd time in a month that "the friends" came down!! :) Very cool! Mia has a boyfriend! hehe. Ok, not really. But she does seem to like the tall, dark, handsome one that comes to visit with Sis. HA.

I didn't get pics of that (not sure why), but I did get pics of Sugar Plum in her yellow polka dot dress from yesterday (above!). I decided to go get her from daycare and take her into work and show her off! :) She made lots of new friends! A couple of new Aunties and Uncles for sure! She was SO active yesterday! Wow. Then, Auntie Ellen came over and hung out with us for awhile. She got to see Miss M crawl for the first time and said that Mia is getting "so strong"! I could tell Mia remembered her, and that was so cool to see.

Of course, the finale to the day was Aiyee Mimi!! Who also got to see Miss M crawl! She tempted her with a piece of lint on the floor. That was pretty darn funny. She'd move it a couple of inches and off Sugar Plum would go. hehe. Whatever works! ha.

A couple of random thoughts coming your way.....

First, someone said that we should 'take care of our own' first here in the USA before helping other countries... Fix our own problem(s)... i.e., starving children, over population and the like. That comment stuck in my crawl. I know nothing ill was meant by it, and especially about adoption... but, I'm the kind of person who is naive enough to believe we can make a difference where we try, and I do think we need to help here, there, and everywhere... know what I mean? I know I can't save the world. (although, I'd sure like to) But, if I can help I should try.

No one told me that I'd get "Mommy Brain" when I had a child!! Are you familiar with this syndrome? I haven't written about it much, but here's how it works... you forget everything. And I do mean everything!! Those pants you wanted to wear to work? Hm.... now where did I put them? My glasses? Let's see... I used to put them..... hm.... where are they?! (OK, that was an example, 'cause I've got my glasses right here, but when I was at Sis' last week, I kept forgetting where I put them!!) Seriously, it is like having to learn how to remember again. Quite scary. I hate it, actually. It makes me feel stupid and like I can't do anything right. So. I'm officially requesting my brain back NOW and am hoping that someone will find it for me soon, so I can resume my normal remembering self!!!! ;-)

Oh, and Sugar Plum is wonderful. Not that those of you who have met her didn't already know that... but, I'm just saying. She's wonderful.



  1. Oh crap. Does this "Mommy Brain" thing affect guys? I THINK I MAY HAVE IT. Am I going to be O.K.? It would be sooooooo disturbing for a guy to discover he had it, especially the one writing this. I’d say I’ve had it since the age of six, with increased deterioration on my birthdays, which I think come sometime in August (it is one birthday per year, correct?). I’ll forget just about anything, even the most obvious details that might be staring me right in the face! I could be writing this on your blog and forget completely who I’m writing to.

    Could we call it something else? How about “Unbalanced and Irregular” or “Mental Fluidity” or “Brain Gone Wild.” These terms are more gender neutral, and more acceptable to men who wont admit they have the problem. Anyway, I better stop writing. I feel I’m about to forget something and I can’t remember what:(

    Well, Carmen, good luck with the peasant uprising and I hope you show Colonel Montoya what we think of his coffee beans.


    Baby looks adorable

  2. Seriously, George (or is that Brian or Joe?), you CRACK ME UP!!!! It is great that someone else out there can identify with what I'm going through! hehehe.

    Thanks for the compliment for Mia. She is amazing. Somehow I've got to go through all the China pics and put them in albums... now, tell me how the heck I'm going to get that done?! (with a baby and a puppy in the house!!)


  3. Wow. Maggi and baby Mia (affectionately known as M & M) are a handful. They both demand your TLC and there’s only one of you. But I’ll bet you’ve got that problem licked and don’t even know it. Whatever it is your doing now, you’re obviously doing it right! You’ll discover - if you haven’t already - that you are a lot stronger than you think you are:)

    If, however, you need to keep the two preoccupied so you can search for your China pics, or do the laundry, or anything that demands you be away from them for a short while, I recommend a staring contest between Maggi and little Mia. It is unorthodox, but I think the ingredients to keep them both in one place and out of trouble are there. Maggi might want to show her human “captors” that doggie pride isn’t choke by a collar, and that flinching to early might set back “the cause.” Little Mia is an all around toughy with an unbreakable spirit. She’ll want to show Maggi who is second in command in your household. I’m telling you, if it works, they could be locked in gaze for hours at a time! Let me know.


  4. Happy 11 Months..
    Looks like she is doing Great..
    Have a Great Sunday..