Thursday, July 26, 2007

2nd and a First...and another First!

And it ain't pizza!!! :)

Today was M''s 2nd day at Daycare and my first day back to work. She is right now pulling up on my leg and the couch for the first time ever! We usually play the up/down game, but I guess she decided she wanted to still play even though I'm just sitting here. :) And she's finally smiling at me... She didn't take a nap again today. The lady said (Shannon) she thought there was too much going on for M to sleep. I figured. She finally fell asleep about 4:30pm (a half hour before I got there, ugh). She is in an OK mood, but not quite as cheerful as usual. I know it will take us a few days to get on schedule.

As for me, well, Mama is tired, too. I still feel very guilty about having to have her in Daycare. I hope she realizes soon that Mama always comes back and that she is ok there.

Oh my goodness... M has been trying to officially crawl for about a week. Well, today she TOOK OFF! Wow! She's officially crawling. She amazes me every single day.



  1. Hmm...I think with all this tugging and crawling Mia is trying to tell you an Ironman triathlon might be something she wants to train for this year, with the goal of running one in 2008:) I think she’s got you beat!

    I guess with the pizza she was loading up on carbs (lol!).


  2. Yea Mia. I love that open mouth grin!


  3. YEAH... crawling... just think... you will really be running around now..
    Love her little ladybug outfit..
    Have a great evening.

  4. I'm still amazed that your back at work, it feels like you guys just got home!!

    And hey, daycare will be FINE- look at Mali (mychinesedream blog),
    she LOVES her daycare now!!!