Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Worth the Wait

I found a onesie today at Wallyworld that says "Worth the Wait". It is a 3-6 month size, and fits Little M... for a couple of days, anyway. HA. They didn't have the 9 month size or bigger... but, the sentiment is dead on. She was worth the wait. I couldn't be happier.

And I say I'm not Biased... that's an outright lie. I'm every bit, every single ounce biased. :) She's the joy of my life. (Remind me of this when she hits her terrible 2's or 3's or teenhood!!!)

Oh, and today is ONE MONTH that Sugar Plum and I have been a family. Woohoo!



  1. Happy ONE month as a family- and thanks for posting the pics, I just cannot get enough of her!!

  2. Congrats and you should be biased. It is really hard to believe in the middle of the wait how worth it it will be but on the end you can say despite the emotional roller coaster of the wait, you would do it again and again for her.

    I know I would for Glenys.


  3. She absolutely was worth the wait! What a cutie pie!
    Congrats on one month as a family. That's so great!