Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Little Sunshine

I've been in a somewhat crabby mood today. Crabby. Blech. Work's got me a bit down. Oh well. This too shall pass.

Here are a couple new pics of Miss M. She definitely is my Sunshine. She fell asleep on me tonight, while I sang You are My Sunshine. Corny and mushy... but I'm OK with that. Really. She's wonderful. Two things below, she's wearing a new outfit that is a snad big, so I finally put a onesie under it. Then she went after her new book from Auntie 'Nore (Should be Nora...hehe) at work. Very cool.



  1. You’re right, baby Mia is wonderful. She looks like she‘s getting ready to take those first baby steps all on her own. And she looks so adorable looking straight up in the air ( gosh, I hope it’s not at Maggi). Anyway, cute Mia = cute pics!

    Say, is the book she's reading called First 100 Words? I LOVE THAT BOOK! Do let little Mia know I just got done with mine; and if you want to ruin the ending for her [sinister chuckle here], the duck did it:). I see, however, that she’s reading the Bright Baby edition of this book. That’s too advanced for me. I’ve got the Dumb Baby edition, but my tutors assure me that I’m NOT dumb and that I should be at the Bright Baby level by early 2008.

    Take care,

  2. She is SO cute Melissa... sorry work is a drag, I'm thinking being away from your Sunshine must be really hard!

  3. She is absolutely adorable. What a lucky mama you are!!


  4. She is beautiful!
    Thanks for leaving a post today. Our conversations with Alyzabeth will be varied and will be the truth. It is hard to tell them the whole story (what little we will know of it) and about China's policies that changed her country. All in good time, all will be age appropriate. We won't gloss over the topic... it will be many conversations over many years. I think you will know what to say as there will be many opportunities to help her with her life-journey. As you said - you love her and that will be what she will hold most dear!

    LID 01/27/06