Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First big day and Weigh In

Sugar Plum had her first day at Daycare. She seemed to be ok, but was a little fussier afterward 'cause she was awakened during her nap (she heard me come in and talk to the teacher(s)). She seemed happy to see me. She had one bottle and some lunch there. Couple of diaper changes. Not really fussy, but didn't want to nap at 12:30 or whenever... she was preoccupied with the others in the room. So, looks like she did alright. Two more days to go this week. Let's see how it goes. We're both headed to bed early tonight.

After daycare - that we left at 3:30 - we had to go to her Ped for a weigh-in. She was 15lb 9oz two weeks ago and is now 11 lb 9 oz. So, she obviously gained a pound in two weeks. Apparently, this is good and he expects she might be about 18lbs or so by her 1st birthday... We don't go back until the first week of September. Thankfully, I don't feel like I have to stuff her now. I guess I got a little worried I hadn't been feeding her enough, but I think I am and will just go by how she seems to take it.

Now the stress of work begins. Please, God, help me. Please pray this goes alright. Better than alright would be nice, even. I've got to get my head on straight.



  1. Glad to know her day went okay. It gets easier but if you are like me, you will wish daily to get to spend more time with her and work at home. Oh I wish I wish.


  2. Wow. Mia's first day in daycare. I have no doubt she showed the rest of the babies who's in charge (lol). The first day might not be easy for her, but she will definitely grow accustomed to it as she does it more often.

    Here's a helpful hint: Drop by the daycare unexpectedly to see not just how they are treating her just before they hand her back to you, but during the hours they don’t expect you there. Surprise them. “The mice will play when the cat’s away.” They may give you the impression of being safe and competent when you are there, but as soon as you leave their attitudes my change for the worse. I’m NOT trying to scare you in any way. This daycare might be legitimate with safe grown-ups to handle the babies. But better be safe than sorry. Take note of the other children in the daycare whose parents are away. This too will give you an indication of what the place is like.

    Take care,

  3. I agree with Tom, pop in every now and then. That way you'll know what's really going on. She seems like she did really well. I'm so glad! Of course she was the cutest one there so don't be surprised if the other mommies get jealous because you have the cutest

    We missed you guys so much on Sunday! Uncle Billy was looking forward to seeing Miss Mia. We defenitly need to get together.

    Give everyone a kiss for me!

    Love you both!