Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have "Mommy Brain" apparently. I left my poor little Manna (cat) at home for a bit longer than I ever do without checking on her. I felt so awful. I even gave her a treat when I saw her today!! She's doing fine, Thank God. It was me who was having the worry attack. I hate that.

Chasey-man and Little M accompanied me to my yearly exam today. Boy, was that fun. Not. But the receptionist and nurse were both very accommodating and kept both of them occupied for the few minutes I was otherwise occupied myself. It went fine.

I ordered a bunch of pics and can't wait until they come in. Dad is coming to visit tomorrow, and he might even mow for me. (Let's hope it is dry enough!!) If not, I might put him to work putting a wonderful gift M received... "Around we Go" play toy thing... *big grin*

I couldn't resist posting a couple more pics...



  1. Just so you know, you have the cutest little girl in the world! I can't wait to see you guys on Sunday! Is Mia going to be able to swim? I hope so! If not I understand. That little outfit with "worth the wait" on it was so cute. I have to go hurt Emily so I'll talk to you later!

    Love you and Mia,

    p.s. Give Mia a big kiss for me!

  2. She is just tooo cute.. love the little onesie..
    Have a great visit with your dad..