Sunday, July 29, 2007

Staring contest

I'd love it if I could get M&M to do a staring contest that someone suggested as a babysitting tool! :) I'm trying to train Maggi to 'watch' the baby. hehe. Not sure if that is going to work! (especially, since she follows me out of the room every time I walk out)

The other M is doing well this weekend. She had a little meltdown this morning. Really wanted Mama to be right there....wouldn't let me put her down for a bit. I think this week is going to be a bit stressful and tiring. I hope it isn't as bad as I'm feeling like it might be right now.

I have had a few bad dreams lately. One: A horrible, awful man abducted Sis, Chase and I, and no one would believe us. He took us to a place where I finally suggested we all run separate ways and then he decided to chase me. So, then it became a chasing dream. But we finally got someone to believe us. So, I'm hoping that bodes well for Sis... 'cause we all know who the "evil" man was.

2nd dream: I left the baby at daycare until 9pm and didn't remember I even had a daughter! YIKES. Then I had to rush to go get her...and that was a bad feeling.

3rd dream (this weekend): Sis hated me. She told her friends I was "mean" and too strict. She also only wanted me around because I helped her.... YUCK. bad dream. I know she doesn't feel that way. But I think I dreamt it because I didn't want one of the kids to have sweet tea at 10am yesterday morning. ha. And I know I'm probably the big meanie in my family... but I can't seem to help it. And I know Sis loves me (even though we're opposites in lots of ways).

Have you had any crazy dreams lately? Or ones that you are obviously working out your stresses?

Sugar Plum loves country music... and we're watching a country concert on TV right now. She's even danced a bit along with it! :) But right now, she's crawling across the room! And stopping to 'swim' :) (laying on belly and flailing arms and legs, too cute)


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  1. That is the greatest pic! I love it and i love the pics in the previous post to. Adorable dress!