Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daycare eve

So, we start daycare tomorrow... yes, we. lol. I'm not going for the day, of course, but I'm anxious to see how she will do. God, I hope she is ok there. I think I finally picked somewhere that we'll both like (I hope). The one selling point - they seem to play a decent amount of music during the day. I Love that. So does my little baby-kins.

Off to bed I go... 7:00am is going to be awfully dang early for me! But I'm going to try my first day of the new routine. Wish me luck. And her. The girl in the infant room took right too her and was sweet. M liked the walker and the music. It made me a bit more at ease (so far). This is the place Ellen and I chose out of a list of 'voluntary' Star program... and has 2 of 4 stars. There aren't many daycares even on the list, and this was a slight bonus. The only 3 star one I could find was too far out of the way (for now).

Anyway... off we go.


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  1. It will be harder on you longer than Mia.