Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cutie on Duty

Here is the very cool new toy my friend Don got for M!! Chasey-man was a big helper and helped Grandpa put it together yesterday. Here they are showing it off. (oh, and a big thanks to Ellen for suggesting I go ahead and register for this, even though Dad and Janice got the baby a smaller one. It is nice having one upstairs and downstairs)

Here are a couple pics of another cute outfit...ok, and the baby to boot.

A friend of mine says I'm "oozing" joy in my messages... hehehe. :) I probably am! M is just wonderful. I'm feeling quite awful, though, about having to put her in daycare already. I know she'll be fine, but it is killing the Mama. lol.

Did I mention I had a really crappy day yesterday? I couldn't do anything right to save my life. The dog didn't get out in time, so she pooped in her bed. Bath time. I put her out on a lead, and she somehow got off of it. OMG. Then she came to the backdoor whining, Thank God, btw. Then, I gave M a biter biscuit. I HATE those things. YUCK. She had to have a bath after 'attempting to eat one! Then, I went to get Sis, Dad, Chase and I lunch... I spilled pop all over Sis' front seat! OMG.

I needed a Do-Over. Sis and Dad were very understanding and great about the whole thing. Dad even put together another toy for Mia and cut the grass. :D I have a great Dad. Sis went with me to look at Daycares. I think I'm going to go with the small one down the road for a couple of weeks... we're going to go look again next Tuesday and/or Wednesday. I go back to work Thursday.

Little M wasn't having the greatest day yesterday, either. She spit up way more than normal, almost on the verge of throwing up it was so much. Very not normal for her. She is much better today. Her normal smiley and very happy self!! :)


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  1. Mia is so precious! Her smile lights up the room!