Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Run run run

OK, apparently, I needed a good run. I have slacked too much lately, and today I got a good (even though it was short) run in! Ahh, I feel so much better! I don't know how people keep their sanity if they don't run! Running rules.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Purple Paisley Printed Purses

Say that 3 times fast! lol.

So, I found this great purple paisley fabric in my shopping spree last weekend. I am getting ready cut it out with some lavendar fabric and make a couple of purses. :)

I've still been a cleaning fiend this week. The whole upstairs is shaping up. Now I've got to concentrate on the downstairs!

The latest batch of referrals came in this week (on the 25th or so), for April 26-May 13, '05. That is about 8.5 months for those counting. I'm counting. lol. The rumors are that the next batch will happen the first week of MARCH due to the Chinese New Year this week.

Oh, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!! :D I didn't go to any festities this year, but I think I will once the baby is here.

I have pretty much decided to make the baby's room Lavendar and Yellow... with bright light flowers and butterflies. That will be girly, but not baby-ish, so maybe we can keep it until she is 5 or 6 or longer. :) We'll see. Now that I have the idea, I need to start looking online and in stores to see if there is anything that even matches my *idea*. :)

Have a good'n, y'all! Write me and let me know what you did for your baby's rooms...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Winter cleaning

So, this week I've really been in the cleaning mood. Winter cleaning... just feel like everything needs to be cleaned (my sister said i might feel the need to "nest" before the baby cmes, but I don't think this is it! lol). I'm not near done with my winter cleaning yet, but I've definitely started. Ugh. Why do things have to get so dusty! lol.

I have put the cats in their own rooms for a few days... I need to see who the real culprit(s) is(are). They aren't liking it, but it is letting me get some things done...

I have not touched the baby's room this week, except to put things in it! I need to get to it, too! Yikes. lol. It is going to be even more work! :)

Last I heard the referral wait is now 10 months... we'll see. Wonder if there is a batch this week or next before Chinese New Year!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

fabric, fabric and more fabric

Ok, so it is a pretty well known fact that I'm a fabric-holic. :) I've tried to curb this desire at times, and at others, I just buy what I want. ha. Recently, I've done well, but I had a break down today! Jo An Fabric is having a huge sale at a couple of their stores... and I made the mistake of going today! So, now I've got a TON of new fabric! I found a couple really, really cute baby prints that I can make a baby bag out of - one is pink with not only lady bugs, but butterflies and frogs! My 3 favorite things right now. :)

My sister loves toille and so I found quite a bit of beautiful fabric for her, too. I guess I better get quilting! lol. Goodness knows, we both need more bags. ;-) (see previous post)

I think I've decided to make the baby's room yellow and lavendar (light purple), with a bit of other light colors, too... I'm starting to get excited about making the baby a quilt and getting her room ready. So, I've got plenty to keep me occupied over the next few months, I guess!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Here you go...purses, baby bags

Here are some pics I promised y'all! :D I can make these using any type of fabric. These happen to be one of my sister's and two I made for her best friend's mom and sister, at Christmas this year.

Oh, and these are fairly traditional purse size, but I can make them smaller or bigger - and into baby bag's if there is any interest. I need to make myself one, too, even though sis bought me one that someone made with little lady bugs. Too cute!!! I can't wait to use it! But, I'm of the opinion that one can Never have too many bags!!! lol. ;-)

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Ahh, to be 5 again...

Well, it hasn't been a terribly eventful week... I did get a new computer last weekend and have been getting that set up. I did get my office cleaned up a bit this week, too, so that I could find some software that I needed/wanted to load. I kind of got the cleaning fever and I'm hoping that lasts... my office was SO in need of a good cleaning.

Oh, and since I bought a new home 'puter (as sis and nephew calls it), my nephew inherited my old one. We've been setting that up tonight. He is SO excited! Ahh, to be 5 again. lol.

So, I am having a problem with one of my cats going potty where he isn't supposed to go again. :( Makes me very, very, very unhappy. I never in a million years thought I'd give one of my pets up, but I'm not sure what else I can do at this point... I've been the the vet. My kittie has been on kitty-downers for years. I've done all the requisite litter box things... I'm beside myself upset. Oh well. I can't have kitty messes all over the house when the baby comes! Sigh.

One more thing... when I was at church tonight a lady I know (and taught to quilt), said that when the baby comes I can have a bunch of their girl stuff!!! WOOOHOOO! :D I am so excited! I hope they remember that 8-10 months from now. lol.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Purses and such

Well, I still need to get the purse pictures online. I will do that this week.

I got a new PC at home... the screen is cool (flat panel!), but it seems a little blury. Not sure why or if I can fix it. I am working on that tonight. Wish me luck.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Me tagged??

Well, I guess it'll hit us all sooner or later! :) My friend at justforjillian blogspot tagged me to answer the following:

What were you doing ten years ago: I was in Fairborn, Ohio, working on my degree, working two jobs and living with roommates. I was dating someone I thought I'd marry, but didn't.

What were you doing one year ago: Working as a consultant for a company near my family. I had just started this adoption journey at the beginning of January last year!

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. chocolate
2. chocolate
3. chocolate
4. chocolate
5. did i mention chocolate? Seriously, I like chips/salsa, cheese bagel bites, boneless spicy hot chicken wings, and of course, chocolate! :)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. go back to school to learn basket weaving. lol or to learn something frivolous
2. work at a mission either here in the states or in a different country and pay off my church's building debt (from buying and fixing up our building), or just give to the church in some meaningful way.
3. send my kid(s) to college and my sister and my nephew
4. buy a really cool car and house next to my sister and, since we're twins, we'd probably have to get her one, too! :)
5. just for fun, make a CD of me singing and make lots of copies to bug all my friends with! ha.

Five bad habits:
1. shopping?
2. having chocolate every day?
3. watching more than one show on tv at once?
4. sleeping too late on the weekends?
5. losing my temper over silly things. ok this is a bad one. and procrastination.

Fiive things I like doing:
1. shopping
2. having chocolate every day
3. watching more than one tv show at once
4. sleeping in on the weekends
5. ok, so i don't like losing my temper.... but i do like singing, reading, quilting and running, getting massages, and manicures/pedicures. not necessarily in that order.

Five things I would never wear, buy, or get new again:
1. bell bottoms
2. Coby DVD player. we've gotten 3 of them between my sister and I, and they are all junk.
3. a perm
4. eyebrow waxing
5. i wouldn't have more than one pet at a time. i have 4 cats, and though i love them dearly, they make a mess...

Five favorite toys/games:
1. my iPod shuffle and video iPod
2. my Garmin Forerunner 201 (running gadget with GPS) and my ironman pink running watch
3. my new computer
4. my new portable dvd player.....
5. my sewing machine and all my quilting stuff

So, here's the deal; remove the blog in the TOP SPOT from the following list and then add YOUR BLOG to the bottom spot.


Then select FIVE PEOPLE to TAG!

http://kkfast.blogspot.com/ (Eva Las Vegas)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday morning musings...

wow, 3 days in a row... some of you might get spoiled if I keep this up...

So, I woke up this morning excited about the prospect of being a mommy. Some days I wake up this way. Others, I wake up thinking I've lost my mind! LOL. I did get a little quilt from my sister for the baby this weekend (it is store-bought, but darling, and maybe that is the reason for my mood) . And I'm excited to actually start fixing up the baby's room! Currently, it is pale yellow and I think I'll leave it that way. Don't get me wrong, I like pink. But I'm just not sure I'm ready to paint an entire room that color! LOL. So, I've got to find something cutesy to go with yellow. Maybe lavender too? Hm. not sure. I can't really afford to spend a lot of money right now, but I can afford to look. hehe.

So, I forgot to mention that at Christmas I got one present for the baby (and me), a Chinese Lullabies CD from my friend Ellen! It is very beautiful! I had no idea what to expect, but it is lovely. I hope she likes it like I do. :)

Now, I guess I need to make my daughter her first baby quilt from her mommy (yes, because she might actually get lots more from her mommy! if she's anything like my nephew, she'll have me making her stuff every week! I can't wait!). I haven't even started one yet! (so unlike me, usually, I start but it takes me forever to finish depending on what it is... lol I'm still working on one for my sister that should have been finished 2 years ago! yikes! I guess I better get on that!)

Speaking of quilting, I have taken to making quilted purses that all my friends and family seem to enjoy, which is nice. I can get these done much quicker! :) I do sell these too, on occasion... or rather, my sister sells them on her website for me (shameless plug - hobbyhungry.blogspot.com)

I also need to get running. Haven't run most of this week due to a cold. yuck. I've got lots of races to run before the little one gets here! And lots of things to buy... like a jogging stroller. :)

My current race schedule:
Feb 12 Mercedes Marathon
Feb 26 LCFB Cols Marathon
Mar 12 Virginia Creeper Marathon
Mar 26 Knoxville Marathon or 1/2 (not sure, have a baby shower to maybe go to)
April 9 - St. Louis Marathon
May 6 - Indy Half Marathon
May 7 - Flying Pig Marathon

There are others, believe it or not, but they aren't definite yet. These are fairly definite.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blogging away...

Whew. I've been blogging all day! I've added lots of new, nifty links and fun stuff! I hope you enjoy it. I also worked on my sister's blog, too, so that she had some cool stuff, too. I'm addicted, I tell ya! It's nuts! :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Late night psychosis...I need therapy

Latest update, there are rumors about the next batch of referrals to come in before the Chinese New Year (maybe 1/15 or 1/23?) that might go up to 5/12/05 LID group. We'll see.

As for me, well, I couldn't sleep last night. I've had several nights where I start thinking of baby's name and I try different variations, different names... just generally over-analyzing (which i'm very good at) this whole name thing! Sheesh. You'd think that a name was important or something? lol.

Here is my dilema, I originally wanted her to have an "M" name. Meaning her first name started with M. Having my initials has been a consideration, too. I just can't seem to decide, though. There are a couple/few "M" names that I like, but I seem to gravitate toward the "E" names... Here is my list so far:

(I do plan to incorporate her Chinese name if at all posssible, as a 2nd middle name, most likely)

Elaina Mei-Li (or Elena Mei or Elaina Mae)
Mei-Li Elaina
Mia Ellen

I also like the names
... this is all I can think of now, I have a whole list at home! lol.

I need Help!!!

And then, of course, I remembered that I originally wanted to name my daughter Elizabeth Marie (but am not naming her that because my sister already has a niece named Elizabeth)... so, her initials would have been the same as my first choice in names currently. Ugh.

Then I thought of... well, what if I had a boy? (not that that is likely this time around, since i've requested a girl, but one never knows, lol)... I like the name Eli. And if I went with Eli I could name him Eli Michael (my brother's name). So, then they'd both have EM. Which I do like. And it is similar to mine, yet different.

So... we'll see. I'll stop beating a dead horse. For this minute. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Latest Referrals

Yesterday, Jan 4, 2006, some folks got referrals whose LID was April of 2005. That is approx 9 months...

I heard that they only went up to April 25, 2005, too. So, we'll see if they finish April 2005 this month.

As for me... I'm still sort-of patiently waiting! I get anxious every few days though. I think mainly because the referral dates are so unknown.