Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Here are some pics from today. :)

Pretty Girl Maggi
Mia in her bouncy chair,

Maggi and Mia
These are the first pics of Maggi and Mia together. I need to try to get the cat involved, too, but somehow I don't think she'd like that.



  1. Mia is beautiful!!

    I am a single mom too... isn't life wonderful with our little sweeties??

    Sarah and Sophie~Bug

  2. Cute baby pics! Dog looks fine next to Mia. Now you have to play Dr. Phil and bring the cat into the flock. Then it should be one happy family [God help you if you have a Tom & Jerry moment, where everybody is chasing after everyone else (LOL!)].

    But good thing Mia is healthy and that the stress has not been overwhelming for you. Where ever you are at in all this, take comfort in knowing that you'll only get better as time goes by.