Sunday, July 1, 2007

So not a morning person

Little M woke me up at 5am today and wouldn't go back to sleep... until now, 8am. Yikes. I guess I should go lay back down, too. It'll be nice when we can get on a normal (ha) schedule.

The puppy doesn't quite know what to think of the baby, and isn't as gentle as I would like, so that is going to take a little time, too. But I'm glad she's home. She's definitely grown in the past couple of weeks.



  1. I think once her clock is on US time completely, she'll do better- hang in there girl!

  2. Welcome back! You have fulfilled what your blog said you would: you've gone to China and back. Congratulations. Maybe you should think of a different name for your blog, such as To China and Back: The Sequel, or To China and Back: The Wrath of Kahn. JUST KIDDING!! All in good fun:)

    On a serious note, the baby - who is incredibly cute (I can’t say that enough) - will get used to her surroundings eventually. She's just an infant but they too have to adjust to change. The pics were great, and I’m glad your sister was able to go with you. Now it’s all about living your life with Mia one day at a time.

    Manny blessings to you and baby:)


  3. Welcome home. Sleep when she sleeps and while home doing mundane things wear her when you can.


  4. has the laptop turned on yet? I'm glad you and Mia are doing well. Love you!!

  5. Glad you made it home! As soon as you all get back on your regular schedules, this will all seem a lot easier - so hang in there. Mia is just adorable... :)