Saturday, June 30, 2007

A couple of minutes

On the way home...
Sugar Plum did GREAT on the 14+ hour plane ride from Hong Kong to Chicago.

Grandpa was VERY excited to meet his new granddaughter!!As were my cousins!!
And Friends!!! (I didn't get a pic of Ellen and Dave, and I'm bummed about that. I was SOOOO tired and we had two pieces of missing luggage, it was a little hectic.)

So, I have a couple of minutes to write, 'cause Little M is still sleeping! I know I should wake her, but 'never wake a sleeping baby', eh?! She had another tough night. Normally, she would sleep all night when we were in China. So far, here, she's woken up about 3 times a night just SO upset. I tried my hand at making congee last night for the first time. I must have done alright, since she ate it!! LOL

I got up about 9:30am, believe it or not, and had spaghetti for breakfast!!! My friend Joe made it and it was just awesome. I also had 3 bananas. LOL. Dad picked some up for me yesterday, and I was quite thankful this morning!!! I also put in the last load of laundry and installed her car seat bottom. She will fit in this car seat for just a bit longer, and I'll have to change to a bigger one. I'm ok with that. I just needed to get one in the car.

There is still so much to write, I just don't know where to begin.



  1. WELCOME HOME!!!!!
    I am so happy for you!
    __________,-~-. _.--._.-~-, _______
    _________/ .- ,'_______`-. \______
    _________\ /`__________\'/______
    _________ /___'a___a`___\ ________
    _________|____,'(_)`.____ |______
    _________\___( ._|_. )___ /_________
    __________\___ .__,'___ /__________

  2. Welcome home my friend. I hope we can catch up by phone sometime... I'm dying to hear ALL about it and I think you PROMISED. (Okay, maybe I'm imposing that promise on you).

    When life settles in a little more, email me!!

    XO to that sweetie pie of yours.
    Also, can you send me your address when you have a minute?

  3. Welcome back! Sorry your camera got stolen. Maybe your travel mates can give you some duplicates?

  4. Hi,
    I have been watching your blog since you where thinking of getting a puppy. I have enjoyed it. I am so happy for you and Mia. I am on the SAC list. I can not wait for my turn now. Welcome Home. Now the real fun begins.
    Love Suz