Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hong Kong

So, Sis and I sort of slept our way through Hong Kong!!! LOL. We didn't do it on purpose, you see. We were SO DARNED TIRED that it just caught up with us and we missed our tour. Oh well. We had a lovely dinner here in the hotel, that consisted of Filet of Sole, steamed veggies, pasta. The other dish was a Chinese sweet/sour Chicken, veggies and rice. YUM. I even tried Chopsticks... Sis is MUCH more adept at using them! :)

I did venture outside...went to the 7-Eleven and got "headache medicine" (i think it is headache medicine, haha. it is written in chinese, except where it says it is for headaches, etc. I got us some chocolate, too.) The Concierge gave us a few postcards of our hotel!! WOOHOO.

Oh, and I did go to Starbucks. :) I got us a drink and mugs that say HONG KONG STARBUCKS on them!!! :D Sis was thrilled!

Off to Nanning in the morning!!!



  1. Hope you have fun on this Journey to your precious little girl. You look so happy!

  2. Your smile is infectious... I just can't believe how soon that precious girl will be with you!!!! I SO wish I could call dang it!

  3. Man, now I've got a hankering for chinese food AND starbucks! (Do those mix? Maybe a green tea frap. to go with your egg noodles :) lol).

    Is tomorow THE day? Take care.