Friday, June 8, 2007


I don't even know where to begin to explain how I'm feeling today. It is like everything all at once... I had my final travel call this afternoon. I thought it went pretty well. I'm still a bit worried about $$, but it will work out.

Sis' situation is stable, for now... meaning, we're still a go. BUT, who knows what will stress me out about this over the next 5 days. I'd love to put a pic of BIL here so you all could just take your frustration out on it... but somehow, I'd be worried Sis would feel the repercutions if there are any. And, God knows, she doesn't need any more trouble!!

We're going to try to get our packing 99.9% completed this weekend. We're about 75-80% done now. So, that seems doable.

I cut out a bunch of 3" fabric squares last night to start her baby blanket (one of, I'm sure!). It is going to be a traditional hodge-podge of colors and patterns, all in 3" squares. Very old-fashioned... yet, will have baby fabric, Asian patterned fabric, some fun fabric, too. So, let's see how this will turn out. I think I'm going to start sewing tonight. Hand work always seems to help calm my nerves. And, boy, do I need that right now!! haha.

This is my last full week at work for a little while! That is just amazing to me. 3 more business days before we travel! WOOHOO.



  1. "Surreal" is the word I would use to describe my condition if I was in your situation. Nothing, even the very familiar, would look the same- at least not for a while.

    I tend to philosophize when faced with adverse conditions. With you, having all this activity right now in your life, frenzied and some of which is NOT positive, I GUARANTEE that sooner or later calmer times will emerge. It just doesn't stay this crappy for ever, even if you think that there's no end in sight. I know so because it's happened to be before, and in retrospect, I can't even remember the stress or what caused it!

    Well, before I start sounding like Dr. Phil, take care.


  2. I'm getting butterflies for you! :) I can't wait to follow your journey!

    Still keeping my fingers crossed all goes well for your sister.

  3. Melissa... I'm praying for you, for Mia, for your sis- everyday. I'm so excited that soon you'll be holding your baby in your arms. Unreal, isn't it? You know how to reach me should you need to vent!

  4. I am getting SO excited for you. I think I've read your blog from the begining...and I'm just thrilled you are finally getting to go to China THIS WEEK!! It sure helps to live vicariously through you. Are you going to try and blog from China? I hope so!!