Monday, June 4, 2007

Is it really TEN days?!

OMG. I realized this morning that it is TEN days 'til we leave for China!!! Wow. I'm just totally in awe over all of it. Scared, Excited, Nervous, Anxious, Over-the-Moon with JOY. It is crazy.

Sis has to get a couple of court dates and meetings re-scheduled. PLEASE pray that it all gets fixed before tomorrow. That's when the Travel Agent wants confirmation that it is Sis going vs. my friend. It is looking better today, but I'm still nervous about it.

Sis and I got packed this weekend. Then my friend (same said friend as above) mentioned that it is ONE carryon, plus a "personal item" and two checked bags. Right now, Sis and I have 2 carryons each and one checked bag between the two of us. Gotta re-pack. Ick. But thankfully we know now and not next week!! :)

Ten days!!!!!!



  1. Glad things are moving forward and I hope that everything gets sorted out with your sister. It seems like everything is falling onto place. :)

    I think the luggage for the Intra China Flights is one Checked piece of luggage and then the personal and carry on. The international flight there is more flexiblity but from what we've been told the intra-China is not so flexible. I might be wrong so double check.

    Congrats and I hope to read soon that all the court dates were able to be switched. Wow 10 day!!!

  2. Well, I don't have to tell you again now crazy excited I am for you! I will never forget the sheer joy in your voice on your referral day- can't even IMAGINE how jazzed you'll be on Gotcha!!! Make that sis of yours video like crazy. SO glad she's going. And it WILL work out! It has to!