Friday, June 29, 2007

We're here

Wow, what a long couple of days! Sis, Mia and I are home. We slept all day today. Yikes. Oh, and my laptop doesn't seem to want to turn on. Shit. And I do mean, Shit. I have probably 3GB of pics and video on my laptop from the trip.

Oh, and did I mention that my camera was stolen in China? With a 2GB card in it. :( I got a new camera, but those pics can't be redone. Complain, complain.

I have a terrible headache and my wrists (of all things) hurt like heck. I took some more Advil. Let's see if that finally kicks in.

The welcoming committee was awesome last night. Sis and I missed our flight from Chicago, and that had us totally upset. We finally got in about 9pm and my Dad, cousins (Molly, Emmy and Hannah, another MEH group, haha), friends Ellen, Dave, Joe and Kat were all there still waiting for our arrival! They had a huge sign and a bear with balloons waiting for us. It was so sweet. We were missing 2 pieces of luggage, but they arrived today, thank God.

Mia was an American Citizen once we entered Chicago, and that was pretty cool, too!! :)

So much to tell!!! I've got to go figure out what the heck is going on with my laptop now, though. It is really frustrating. I sort of guilted Sis into staying last night, but am glad she did. We all really needed the rest.



  1. Welcome home! I remember my wrists hurting,'s because of the way that we hold our babies! Who knew? Don't worry - it will go away in a few months! Ha!

  2. It was so great to see you guys yesterday! I'm so excited for you and Mia is just perfect! Can't wait to see more of BOTH of you!


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  3. Welcome Home Ladies!!!

    Hope the jet lag passes quickly. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome Home!