Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Almost gone...

We're packing, packing, packing.... still!!! There will be NO sleep tonight. It is all ok.

So, the men in my life keep saying: You're life is going to change. um... DUH. I just want to know why all the MEN say that?! My neighbor said it is likely because men like to state the obvious. Hehe. That was funny. :D

Gotta run! I'll post when I can.



  1. Have a fantastic, fabulous journey!!! It is going to be amazing!

    Be safe!

  2. Melissa
    I hope you have a wonderful trip to your daughter.. welcome to mommyhood... come hang whenever you what.. I am waiting for TA for my lil girl who will be 3 friday. Last night my boyfriend (not thrilled about this) says to me Seriously " do you know you are going to have to find siomeone to sit her while you are at work" OMG 18 mos of reserach, almost a year since i saw her face....been a mom for 23 years... how could I have forgotten that... why didnt the SW mention that during the HS..LOL men can be so oblivious to things they don't care about... I hope things go well with your sis. Tell her to hang tough and stay SAFE.. Can't wait to see you with your daughter... you are so going to love being a mom.... Peace and happiness Bonnie

  3. Have a great trip to China. I am looking forward to seeing pics with you and your babygirl.

    Hanne from Denmark

  4. Safe Travels.. and wonderful, fantastic trip!!!!

  5. Maybe because many men think of "your life is going to change" as a warning for something unknown or scary, while women generally realize children Do change your life, but in a great way...

    Have a WONDERFUL trip. We will be checking in often for updates!

  6. Wishing you a wonderful, awesome, spectacular, special, happy journey to your daughter! I'm so very excited for you! Kris at LID 2/8/07

  7. Melissa, I am sooo excited for you. I can not wait to hear about your gotcha day. Safe travels and have fun!

    LID 02/12/07

  8. Bon voyage! Stay safe and keep us informed.

    By the way, your life is going to change:)

    ( I'm perpetuating the stereotype)