Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Our last pic of the 2nd big day. Mama feeding Sugar Plum some Congee.
Say it with me.... AWWWWWW. This outfit lasted 10 minutes, then she threw up on herself and Aiyee Mimi. haha. Very cute while it lasted.
Let's go out Mama... I'm not sure about this hat though... and you're going out with your hair not done! Yikes. ;-) Who'da thunk me as a 'hippie' Mama... Sugar Plum has been riding every where in style in a pink sling we bought here in China. :)
Sugar Plum and Aiyee Mimi napping... ok, almost. :) Just to give me a chance to blog and send emails. And I so rudely woke M up to give the laundry guy our laundry...oopsie...what's that about not waking a sleeping baby?! ;-)

I had someone ask me if Baby M was Chinese. LOL Then another lady said she didn't look like me. HAHA. Really? Well, some people think she does. And, so what if she doesn't?! ;-)

I "KNOW" my life is changing... but right now, I'm just so thrilled with everything. The country is wonderful, the people (who don't stare) are very nice... and my little Sugar Plum is just a doll baby.

Auntie Mimi is officially Aiyee Mimi (nice flow... IEEE Mimi...and i'm Mamaaaaaaa!!!!) ;-)



  1. Baby is cuter than heck! Now she is irrevocably and irreversibly yours, and you should feel great about that (as you clearly are). I was cracking up when I saw the pic of her trying to walk. She's got this "O.K., I can do this" look on her face that's irresistible (lol!).

    Keep the pics coming.

  2. I love how cute she is when she sucks her thumb. She has gorgeous eyes. And we can totally tell how thrilled you are. You're beaming in every photo!!

  3. Everytime I check in with you I am left with a huge HUGE smile on my face. You look SO happy, and that Sugar Plum is the sweetest baby!!

  4. I am so happy for you! All of you look so happy in your photos. I love the photo of Aiyee Mimi and Mia sleeping together (well, one of them was!). Seeing you and your family makes my wait seem more tolerable. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Great pictures.. She is so cute..
    Have fun..

  6. Mia is just so adorable! Love those cheeks. Congratulations Mama! You must be so Happy :)

  7. Mia is absolutely gorgeous. How fun to look at the pictures and see the places Glenys and I became a family. It is fun to know and experience along with you your journey to your precious child.