Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To do list

So, while we're bonding (read: I'm off work), I have a few things on my to-do list.
1. Get a Pediatrician appointment - done yesterday, set for Thursday 3pm. :)
2. Make an appt. with my family Dr. for her to meet Sugar Plum - done, yesterday, for Jul 16.
3. Make a Dr. appt for me for my yearly - done, scheduled for Jul 19.
4. Find a Daycare - well, this isn't quite done yet, but I have called about 5 places and plan to make visits this week.
5. Add Sugar Plum to my insurance - done, last week.
6. Update my flex acct(s) to add her - done, last week.
7. Get registered - done, Babies R Us, last Thursday.
8. Get pictures from the trip printed. Well, this isn't done yet, but I do have them on an SD card and am going to try to take them tomorrow to get printed.
9. Give my family and friends their China gifts - TBD, hopefully this week!
10.Rest.... well, I try to do this daily, but have so much other stuff to do! :) I do still need to put in for my adoption reimbursement, modify my tax reduction and get my laptop fixed. See, there's more than 10 to-do's. But I'm making progress.

So, are Mia and Maggi. Manna, of course, has just gone with the flow. She's a great cat! Mia is amazing. Really. I am so happy.

My nephew seems to really love her and he is good with her, too. He got her these little blocks she loves. He also picked out her first teether (green), that she loves. He's a great big-cousin.
We've been hanging out with Sis and Chase since yesterday. I really missed him and am so happy he gets to stay with her for 2 weeks straight!! He and Mia and Maggi are going to be fast friends. Which just tickles me to death.



  1. Some of those things will get done quickly so don't stress yourself out. To do lists grow too quickly for me. I used to love them but never got things checked off of them. Oh well.


  2. I can't believe how much you've already accomplished- you are SUPER mom!!