Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cloth Diapering

Random morning thought, I've been trying out cloth diapering a bit this past week. I've gotten those ones that are pre-formed, and have snaps. (I wouldn't even consider the old-fashioned ones). Not sure how I (we) like it yet. But it is nice to have the options for the evenings/weekends...and I feel like even though we're saving one diaper or two a day (or more on the weekend), that I'm not putting all those extra diapers in the ground. Yes, I have to wash them... and I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but for part-time diapering it isn't so bad.

The funny thing is that they look so huge on Sugar Plum. I'll have to try to get a pic, of course.

Speaking of Little M, she is doing alright with her 2nd week of daycare... except for not giving me as much eye contact as I'd like. I'm hoping she'll settle in soon. We didn't do a whole lot last night and she seemed to grumble a bit more than usual. But overall, she is doing just great.



  1. When she figures out that you consistently come back to get her she will begin to respond with eye contact. This is all confusing to her right now. Also the clinginess on the weekends or when you are around a gathering of people on weekends is explained by her being apart from you during daycare. I make it a point to keep Glenys with me a lot when school/work is over. She even stays with me in church. I try to keep her close by to reinforce mama-daughter separate from daycare. After almost 2 years we are pretty firmly attached.


  2. Don’t worry too much about the eye contact (this doesn’t mean ignore it). I GUARANTEE YOU that little Mia knows the face and voice of home is yours and no one else’s. The hugs, the kisses; all things associated with the necessary love she needs during this crucial time of her infancy comes from you. I know she knows this in her mind, and by now (although you’ve had her a short while) she knows this instinctively. Don’t underestimate babies. They’re very powerful people (lol!).

    No wise cracks for now, but you know they’re coming...