Monday, February 22, 2010


I haven't made any major blog style changes (ok, i changed the color a little) but I have moved locations. I wonder if/when people will find me. I think I will keep up the other one for now, and will see if anyone really comes to visit me here (one already has!)... it'd be nice if they do, but I am hoping to stay a bit more anonymous. Let's see. I might not like it over here...

It definitely is quieter over here. I don't want to lose my adoptive parent friends... hmmm

this new green background is hesitating when i open it for some reason... bah.



  1. "I wonder if/when people will find me."

    Is that you Carol?? Oh my God!!! Me, Mike and Gretchen have been looking for you everywhere. It's so nice to see the parole board went in your favor:0) So, how is your life these days? Are you still busy breaking-up animal fights? I hear you brokered a truce last October between back-alley cats and their shadows. It must sure feel nice to be a peace maker.

    Say, is the moon still messing with you? Last time we talked you told me he was leaving you nasty letters inside your medicine cabinet.

    The reason I'm contacting you is because Mike wants me to organize a reunion of all the 2009 graduates. It would be a simple get together, with drinks, appetizers, and lunch, at the Cymbalta headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I sure hope you can come. Some of our old caretakers/ teachers from the sanatorium are going to be there as well.

    Gretchen still wears her Star Trek uniform. She says if you have trouble getting to Grand Rapids, she might be able to teleport there via a Greyhound bus or an airplane. She'll let you know by the next stardate.

    As for me...well, I'm happy at last. I no longer think electromagnetic radiation is out to get me. And the visions I had of Boss Hog in a two-piece have been replaced with visions of O.J. holding a knife, so I still need some work in that area.

    Well, take care Carol! Hope to see you at the Cymbalta brunch next month (lots of FREE pills!).

  2. You still CRACK ME UP, Tom... i mean Fred. ;-) free geritol, count me in... lol do you still wear that Porky Pig costume? no wonder Boss Hog freaked you out! maybe you should back off the cymb*lta, and OJ will go away, too!!

    a 2009 pink lady reunion will be great... don't invite moon.