Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day

I was going to post yesterday, but we couldn't keep a connection up for some reason. So, Happy, Merry Christmas a day late. Today is Boxing Day and we are planning to put some things together to take to a shelter.

Baby Mia-Mei isn't here, obviously... but I've certainly been thinking about her. Her name is really going to be Mia ElainaMae, but I've been thinking of her as Mia-Mei this week. :) I'm sure one of the names will stick by the time she gets here!!!! hahahaha.

Aunti Mimi got her a Dora doll set that has China, Russia and France dolls. I can't wait for her to play with those. :) I'm going to get her the matching stuff this week. I really missed having her here this year.

They are saying there are new CCAA rules and it has me a bit worried. But they also say it doesn't affect us that are already logged in. I pray that is right, because I just don't think I could handle it if something goes wrong at this point. I'm trying to be patient... but this news does worry me.

We did have a wonderful Christmas. Dad and I went to church Sunday night. It was nice. I think my nephew had a great day yesterday. He is six, and, thankfully, still does believe in Santa. We might only have another year for that!! But for now, it was cool. :)

I'm off this week. So glad to have a real vacation, even though I'm not going anywhere. I do need to get my paperwork updated for the adoption. I'll try to start that this week. I also want to start working on her room. Gotta get that cleaned out and better organized.

Today, though, is movie day. God bless you Jakob. We miss you and love you.



  1. Happy holidays to you ... and may 2007 bring you all your heart desires. :)

  2. Santa IS REAL! Honest! :)