Saturday, March 3, 2007

9 lb 3 oz

Maggi's vet appt was yesterday. She's got one more shots appt and at that appt they will do her spaying, too. She did great. They go on and on about her there. :) I can't imagine why! haha. Anyway, she weighed in at 9 lb 3 oz , which is how much my nephew, Chase, weighed when he was born! WOW. That was funny. (to me, anyway)

She is now, officially, bigger than Max.

I've been trying to find referral rumors this week. I've heard there is a package on its way from China, but it might just be TA's and not referrals. That's what I'm thinking, anyway.

Some rumors say that they won't get to October 27, and that does not surprise me. But one rumor said Oct 21. That would be a bit tough. So, let's see where they get. I still think I'll get mine in April, sometime.



  1. Hope your wait isn't too much longer!
    (I love your avatar with your puppy in arms!)

  2. I feel like I'm going through RQ referral withdraw- hope they make it to the 21st, that would be encouraging...