Saturday, March 24, 2007

My little Cone Head

My little cone-head Maggi after her surgery. She's doing well, but has to wear this awful thing for 2 weeks! Yikes.

No new rumors about referrals yet, but I'm still hoping for the week of April 2. Let's see... I'm sure there will be more rumors, at minimum, this coming week!

I put out some butterfly solar-powered lights today. They are cute. One set doesn't work, though, so, I might have to return them and get another set. I got to chat with my neighbors for quite awhile today. They said I'm always away or not out. I said that will likely change now that I have the puppy and the baby on the way. lol

Maggi did pretty well today, but she did have an accident overnight. My fault, for sure. I slept too long. But it's been that or no sleep at all, it seems like, these days.

I started looking at baby beds online today. I'm thinking of getting a portable bed to put in my room, in addition to getting one for her room. So many choices!

I also had a water leak under my bathroom sink downstairs. Blech. Water got into the carpet and all. Not too happy about this, but I'm trying to get it dried out as quickly as possible. A neighbor of mine said he might come fix it for me this week, or my friend Joe will come look at it. :) I have wonderful friends!

Ok, so... still counting down. 7-10 days?? Perhaps??



  1. Oh the dreaded E-collar! Poor thing...

    Hope you're able to get everything fixed before you are pacing, waiting for that phone call and an email with your little girl's face!! I am SO excited for you!!
    April seems to be taking it's time arriving though! Easter is bound to be VERY special this year though. Fingers crossed.

  2. Poor pup! 2 weeks! uggg.

    Hope the CCAA suprises us all and sends out about 15 days worth for the next couple of months since they are taking a week off in May. Sounds fair don't ya think?

  3. Hey there... I believe the stork is flying... at least that's what I've heard!!

  4. Poor puppy. At least he has you to love on him.

    You must be getting so excited. Referrals in the air! I'm so hoping you get the call next week!!!