Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Now get this...

There is at least one person out there (not sure how many) who have a LID of 10/31/05 that got their referral yesterday! OH MY. I'm not sure what that means. I have sort of been feeling like I won't get mine until May at this point (beginning of May, maybe?), but if they already got through a handful of 10/31, then maybe that does mean I'll get mine in April.

It is someone who posted on the RQ board, and she posted it on APC, too. Looks legit. And if it is, I'm happy for them... and now sitting by the phone wondering what is going on. Except my agency said they didn't get any regular referrals yesterday.

Oh, the official word is that it is through October 24, 2005, like I heard yesterday. But I haven't seen the word on the CCAA site yet.

Wait, I shall.


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  1. HI there, I heard on RQ that about 100 October 31/05 lids from Spain got their referrals in the last batch.

    I'm totally hoping that this means that the rest of Oct 31/05 get their referrals in a couple of weeks!

    Good luck to you!
    lid Oct 31/05 also :)