Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quite exciting

The rumors of referrals are flying. It is a quite exciting month. :) Ok, so I admit, I'm getting closer and closer to referral... so, it might be more exciting for me!! The only thing I'm concerned with is making sure all my documentation is updated and in order IN TIME. I'm really working on that.

Somehow I think I need to go buy myself a new bed and end-table lamp for my bedroom. I also need to start my taxes next week. :) I'm just so excited today. That light at the end of the tunnel gets just a bit brighter each day.

My friends are awesome. I have to have my reference letters updated. One friend already sent it to me yesterday!

I am dying to get into the baby's room now and see what I can get done. I need to get my nephew's crib and get it set up soon. And I need to see if there is something she can sleep in near my bed, if necessary. I also need to talk to work and let them know what is going on. I'm going to do that in the next week or so (when we get this next set of referrals).

I pray for baby girl. I pray she is being held and loved. I pray she is being fed and is sleeping well. I pray she is not lonely. I pray she is healthy. And I pray she and I bond as mother and daughter.

I am so blessed. Life is good.


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