Thursday, January 25, 2007

Travel estimations

So, I finally decided to sit down and look at the possible outcomes for travel, depending on when I get a referral. It can take 5-8 weeks to get travel approval after referral. I've done 5 and 8 week options, and somewhere in between in a couple of cases.

If I get a referral at the end of Feb / beginning of Mar, possible travel dates are:

Apr 9-20
Apr 30-May11

If I get a referral at the end of Mar/ beginning of Apr, possible travel dates are:

Apr 30-May 11
May 7 -> 18 > 25??
May 21 -> 28 > June 15??

So... still don't have a clue, but it is interesting. Looks like May is a good bet. It would work out best for my work schedule to go at the end of April and come back before May 14. So I could work from home after our May 14 install, if necessary. Otherwise, boy wouldn't it be great to hold off until at least May 21 (my bday) or later. Let's see what happens!!!



  1. China IS getting closer!!!

    Maggi is SO CUTE!!! I suspect she will be more of a joy to you each day! Shelties are such sweet, eager to please dogs...not to mention absolutely gorgeous!...and just the right size to take everywhere with you! (except China!)

    Oh, and, by the way, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!

  2. I'll hazard a guess at saying you'll get your referral end of Feburary.