Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, referrals and tag

I was tagged... I'll get to that.

It is that time of month that we are waiting for referrals still! I'm wondering when and to what date. You all probably know by now that my referral is coming up sometime soon... ok, in the next couple of months. So, this month is quite important to me!

Maggi is doing very well. She is 11 weeks old today, and here is a pic I took tonight.

She had a little accident today, but I caught her right in the act and rushed her outside. It was her only accident in the past week or so, so she's doing great. I think she's just a doll. I'm so glad I got her. Thanks sis for the recommendation. :)

Mondays are tough. I am especially tired today, as I was this weekend. I'm thinking it is the weather... it is COLD outside! Work is tough right now.... again. Things were getting a little better and then, WHAM, they hit me again. This time it is conversion testing. The team is unhappy with our progress, even though we aren't supposed to be responsible for the bulk of it. Somehow, communication is, yet again, a problem. :( Ugh. This too shall pass... right?!

I go Wednesday to Louisville to have my fingerprints redone and to submit my I-600A for the 2nd time (to get it renewed). Pray my I-171H comes back quick.

So, 6 things that are strange about me (of course, there are likely more!!):

1. I love wedge fries with melted cheddar cheese on them, and the dipped in Blue Cheese! YUM. Sis and BIL teased me this weekend saying it was a 'craving' (that being paper-pregnant), but really... it isn't! I tried it at BW3's one day and was hooked. Clogged arteries and all... that's why I run! hehe.
2. I love fabric, and I have a TON of it. ;-)
3. I don't care about having laundry sitting in the family room, but I hate having a dirty kitchen. Ok, so maybe that isn't strange... but it is true.
4. I'm not a morning person, but I'm not a night-owl either. I like the middle of the afternoon, early evening the best.
5. I can't sleep if my face is cold. So, if the room is cold and even if the rest of me is warm, I have to turn up the heat until it feels warm in the room or I can't sleep. Yes, I'm odd.
6. I would rather watch my favorite TV shows than a movie when I'm by myself. Not sure why, but I'm too lazy to put a movie in the DVD player, and I just prefer to watch movies with other people.

I'm tagging Sis, Joe, PromiseKeepersDaughter (who was already tagged, apparently! oops), canyon401, and Carol! :)


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  1. Oh! Wow look at Maggi she is getting big! Well at least you'll be a pro at potty training ;o)
    Can't wait to pop on here and see another cute little face(perhaps not so furry)!!!
    Have to say I've heard of Morning people and I've heard of night people (Or lack of) but I've never heard of a midday person! Very cool you are my first!
    Hehe I can't sleep if my feet are cold!
    God Bless ya Millissa,
    Hope your week gets better at work.