Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Maggi's been with me for over a week now, officially.

Her stats:

Born 11/08/06
8 weeks 1/08/07
Came to live with me 1/09/07
First Vet visit with me 1/12/07 - she was 5 lb 2 oz and healthy. Got heartworm med.

Today is a week and a day since she's been here. She's a love. She is also suffering a bout of diarrhea, likely from eating some of Max's food over the weekend and getting off our schedule a bit. Boo. I'm hoping she'll get better today or tomorrow.

She didn't pee or poo in her crate for the first week, but with this diarrhea, she's done it twice now. :( Let's hope this doesn't continue. She gets her first bath from me today. Stinky girl.

I've still got to get my paperwork redone for the adoption. I am hoping to do it soon!! I think I'm going to go get a new bed soon and some other things for the baby's room.

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