Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas vacation, 16 mo

We've been on vacation this week. Lil M has also been teething. Oi. She's doing well, but was definitely cranky today. You know, regardless, she is just an angel. I just love it when she giggles and laughes...and when she knows she's done something I don't like and tries to correct it before I get upset. What a girl!!! For example, tonight she found a tiny little christmas tree piece on the floor... instead of putting into her mouth and freaking me out, she brought it over to me to throw away! Amazing. :) I just love her so much.

I thought I should finally try to share some videos of her, so, here is a short one from when we were in China of her and Aiyee Mimi. :) I hope it turns out ok!!!

Oh, Lil M is 16 months old today!! She was likely exactly 10 months old when this video was taken. My how time flies!!! Lots and lots of love, babykins.

Happy New Year!!!